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Introductory Logic DVD Course

Introductory Logic is the best tool on the market for giving students the foundation to think well, no matter what they set their minds to.

Logic is foundational for helping students excel in every subject they study, from math and science to rhetoric and humanities. Completely revised and expanded, the Introductory Logic DVD course will teach students eighth grade and up the fundamentals of thinking well. This course isn't just a supplement for a logic classit brings a skilled logician with more than twenty years of teaching experience right into your home.

An experienced teacher will walk you through every lesson in our bestselling Introductory Logic textbook: definitions, logical statements, fallacies, syllogisms, and much more, not to mention practice tests and other helps for those learning at home. 9.5+ hours running time.

Get the DVD as part of the easy-to-use, easy-to-teach Introductory Logic Program by clicking below. Enjoy!

Watch the Trailer for the Course DVD HERE

TEACHER: Brian Kohl

PRODUCER: Canon Press

RUNNING TIME: 9 hours, 12 minutes

UPC-12: 7-44022-02232-8

PUB. DATE: May 2019