Old Testament Survey: Teacher's Edition

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Brian Marr

Covering an entire year (meeting three times each week) this is our 7th grade Bible class as taught by Trude Marston. This version includes the answers!

Look Inside the Curriculum

This study guide emphasizes important historical characters and places within a chronological framework. The major theme of the Bible as God's revealed will and His loving provision for our salvation is shown by stressing Messianic connections. A foundational assumption is that the New Testament builds on the Old. Underneath is a desire to help students see how Scripture applies to all aspects of their lives.

AUTHOR: Trude Marston and Janna Shaw

PAGE COUNT: 240 pages

SIZE: 8.5x11"

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Sarah Shepard
Old Testament Survey

I am using this as a tool as my kids and I go through the Old Testament. It has helped enrich our reading and encourage discussion.