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Onslaught Package

These bite-size guides—digestable in a sitting or two—are great introductions to specific topics. 

The Neglected Qualification

On the unpopular question of PKs (pastors' kids) and pastoral qualifications.

Church Music and Other Kinds

What does God think about guitars? Why is everything from Europe more liberal? 

European Brain Snakes

Fight the intimidation of seeping postmodernism as if your brain is old Ireland and we need St. Patrick.

Other Side of the Coyne

Hilarious deconstruction of Coyne's presuppositions about creationism and science in his patronizing evolutionary screed, Why Evolution is True. 


A primer to understand and respond to the infinitely elastic sexuality demanded by nihilistic evolutionary postmodernism.

The Seven Deadlies

The seven deadly sins with pithy analysis of the temptation and the antidote from the Word of God.