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Paul's Blueprint for the Church


Douglas Wilson


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Paul's Blueprint for the Church: Studies in 1 Timothy

The Apostle Paul tells Timothy that the church is "the pillar and ground of the truth."

But in Paul's mind truth is not confined to what is preached from the pulpit: if we are the church of the living God, then our lives must also profess our sound doctrine. With this in mind, Paul works through a variety of practical matters, including the evangelical power of prayer, the qualifications for elders and deacons, and the proper care of widows. As Pastor Wilson demonstrates, the end result is not a legalistic church body, but a "good confession"—the ability to "fight the good fight of faith."

The following topics are included in this set:

1. Sound Doctrine

2. All Men To Be Saved

3. Mercy and Glory

4. The Glory of Modesty

5. The Office of a Bishop

6. Deacons and the Women

7. Buttress of the Truth

8. Guarding Against Error

9. Widows Indeed

10. Just and Fair

11. The Root of Contentment

12. A Good Confession

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