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Poetic Ministry (Audio Download)

Poetic Ministry Annual Ministerial Conference (1999) - Audio Download

The ministry is not one of abstract propositions and handing out Charles Hodge as counseling material. The ministry is filled with challenges only the Scriptures applied in all wisdom can surmount. The faithful minister should therefore be a lover of biblical wisdom in all its manifestations: poetry, metaphor, and righteous knowing in the reins. The following topics are included in Part 1 of this set:

1. Introduction to Poetic Knowledge - Douglas Wilson

2. Centrality of Imagination - Douglas Jones

3. A History of Hellenism in the Church - Douglas Wilson

4. The Great Code: The Bible's Poetic Worldview - Peter Leithart

5. Preparing the Mind - Douglas Wilson

6. The World of Metaphor - Douglas Jones

7. Many Things in Parables: Poetry and Preaching, Peter Leithart

8. Other Traditions of Poetic Knowledge, Douglas Jones

9. Oral Tradition in the Local Church, Roy Atwood

10. The Beauty of Holiness, Peter Leithart

11. Fruitful Labor, Douglas Wilson

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