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Practical Christian Living
Vol. 1

Practical Christian Living

As we strive to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, we must first look not at what we do, but at our motivations. Do we want what God wants? Do we desire what He desires? Too many Christians judge themselves and their neighbors wrongly, thinking that you are what you do or don't do, and that spiritual health is having just enough of the right sort of guilt. But this is not the way we grow. Though the Christian life is simple, it does require hard work, and if we base that work in a right fear of God, we will find true contentment and be able to live out the Gospel. The following sermons are included in this set:

1. Confession of Sin

2. Strange Contentment

3. Dealing with Bitterness

4. Inescapable Fear

5. Your Sleep Will Be Sweet

6. Difficult Relationships

7. Money, Money, Money

8. What Do We Really Want?