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Practical Homeschooling

Practical Homeschooling: Educating Your Child's Head and Heart

Formerly known as Genesis: A Classical Christian Educators Conference

A conference sponsored by The King's Chapel (Brooklyn, NY)

Over the past decade, classical Christian education has blossomed into a nationwide movement. Concerned by the poor standards and outright miseducation provided in public schools, parents and teachers have returned to the tried-and-true methods of past generations. Yet, we need to make sure that we know why we love classical Christian education. It's not enough to follow trends; we must follow truth.As a Fellow at New St. Andrews College (Moscow, ID), Mitch Stokes has seen some of the fruit of this education. Here he shares his experience in four fascinating lectures that offer encouragement as well as constructive criticism. Stokes emphasizes the need to shape not only a child's head, but also his heart. Moreover, his advice is not presented as the immediate key to a "perfect education." Instead, Stokes points us in the direction we should go, calling us to remember that education is generational, a process that resembles a marathon and not a sprint. The following lectures are included in this set:

1. What Is Classical Education?A helpful orientation and foundation for home educatorsand everyone else.

2. The Student's Head: Content. The practical content related issues facing classical educators.

3. The Student's Heart: CharacterPitfalls in home education and how to avoid them.

4. Mathematics: How We've Missed the Whole Point. The vision for how mathematics should be taught as a liberal art.