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Saints & Scoundrels

Biographies of Great American Saints & Scoundrels

Sixth Annual Credenda/Agenda History Conference (2001)

While the faithful saints leave a lasting heritage for those following, the scoundrels of history remind us of the curse introduced into the world because of sin. And yet, these vessels of wrath were prepared before time began, alongside the vessels of mercy, for God's glory. In these series of lectures, we discover some of the great blessings of lives lived for God and the great tragedy of those attempting to deny God His glory. The following lectures are included in this set:

1. St. Brendan - George Grant

2. Stonewall Jackson - Steve Wilkins

3. Nathaniel Ward - George Grant

4. Margaret Sanger - George Grant

5. R.L. Dabney - Steve Wilkins

6. Charles Finney - Douglas Wilson

7. Cornelius Van Til - George Grant

8. T.S. Eliot - Douglas Wilson