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Spheres of Reformation
19th Century Holland

Spheres of Reformation - 19th Century Holland

A conference sponsored by Covenant Bible Church (Chugiak, Alaska)

These three lectures by Ben House serve as an introduction to the work and legacy of three great Dutch theologians: Groen van Prinsterer, Abraham Kuyper, and Herman Dooyeweerd. Emphasizing the earthy influence of their theology, House explains why it is important for us to remember these men and how they have contributed to the shape of contemporary Reformed thought.Ben House is an Elder at Grace Covenant Church in Texarkana, Arkansas. He also teaches history, literature, rhetoric and logic at Veritas Academy. He is the author of Punic Wars and Culture Wars, a book of essays on history and teaching, recently published by Covenant Media Foundation. The following talks are included in this set:

1. Spheres of Salvation: Conversions of Groen Van Prinsterer

2. Spheres of Sovereignty: The Ministries of Abraham Kuyper

3. Spheres of Science: The Philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd

Bonus Disc: A Brief Biography of Dr. Abraham Kuyper by Pastor Jack Phelps