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The Blenheim Lectures

The Blenheim Lectures plus two autobiographical pastoral sketches

"The Gospel is not just a bit of good news that saves us; it's something that changes us and teaches us how to live. Moving through three common spheres of lifechurch, family, and statePastor Wilson teaches what it means to live as Gospel-believing Christians.[These talks] could easily be regarded, together, as a 'Blenheim Manifesto'a three-talk description of and agenda for the display and implementation of the total rule of the Lord Jesus Christ in all of life. Get hold of these and listen carefully to them all the way throughthe argument of the talks (individually and as a series) is compelling and exhilarating." -Dr. David Field 

1 The Gospel and Your Church

2 The Gospel and Your Family

3 The Gospel and Your Government

4 A Ministerial Biography (Part 1)

5 A Ministerial Biography (Part 2)