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The Church and Pop Culture

The Church and Pop Culture

Christ Church Ministerial Conference (2006)

Because we know that technology, entertainment, and fashion are not evil in-and-of-themselves, we often act as if they can never hurt us. The truth is, the "things" that make up our culture pose questions that we cannot afford to ignore. It isn't enough for us to know that iPods, electric guitars, and tennis shoes are not sinful; we must also be conscious of the attitudes and lifestyles they lead us to adopt. Moreover, we must go one step further and learn how to tell a storyonly then can we transform our current culture and infuse it with the Gospel. The following topics are included in this set:

1. Devil in a Blue Dress - Douglas Wilson

2. The Glory of Evil - Douglas Jones

3. A High-Tech and Glamorous Mess of Pottage - Ken Myers

4. Shakespeare as Pop Culture - Peter Leithart

5. Rhythms and Textures of the Mediated Soul - Ken Myers

6. Stories Told - Nathan Wilson

7. Loving the Standard - Douglas Wilson

8. Reading Life - Nathan Wilson

9. Nobility: Living Like Royals - Douglas Jones

10. Images, Moving and Graven - Ken Myers