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The Early Church & the Advance of the Gospel

The Early Church & the Advance of the Gospel

A conference sponsored by Trinity Church of Tri-Cities (Richland, WA)

We are just completing the second millennium of the New Testament Church--a Church under the triumphant reign of her King, Jesus Christ. But what was her first millennium like? Do we have any sense of belonging to that same Church? And why is this history important to us today?Originally hosted by Trinity Church of Tri-Cities, these four talks by Chris Schlect (Fellow of History at New Saint Andrews College) address these and other questions relating to the Church and what she accomplished in the first thousand years after Christ. The following talks are included in this set:

1. The Saint as Martyr

2. The Saint as Apologist

3. The Saint as Confessor (Part 1)

4. The Saint as Confessor (Part 2)