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The Institute of Awesome

At long last, we are pleased to announce The Institute of Awesome - CD Set

Keeping Calvinism Sassy for the Next 500 Years

Christ Church Ministerial Conference - 2010

In this age of new media, it is paramount that believers keep abreast of the latest developments, including, but not limited to moveable type, pamphleteering, the three volume folio systematic, Twitter, FB, and 36 coverage, while at the same time staying faithful to the timeless truths that got us here. Talks in this set:

1. Timeless Truth, Ageless Beauty - Douglas Wilson

2. John Calvin, You Sexy Beast - Nathan Wilson

3. The Irrelevance of Relevance - Douglas Wilson

4. Expect the Mess - Toby Sumpter

5. Keep the Pearls, Eat the Swine - Douglas Wilson

6. Lessons on Being Faithful Heirs of the Reformation - Ben Merkle