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NOTE: If you saw the email for this, you may notice books are missing here. The original bundle sold out, so this bundle was modified so you can still give Mom the Christmas present she deserves.

The Femina Daily Quote Calendar

Everyday encouragement for Christian women. Perfect as a gift for the women in your life, or a personal pick-me-up.

You'd love a daily dose of encouragement...but all the internet offers these days is wine-soaked sneers about your horrible husband, daily mantras for liberated feminists, or wishy-washy gushing about your boyfriend Jesus.

If you're looking for down-to-earth encouragement by and for Christians, this is your one-stop shop. The Femina Daily Quote Calendar pulls from across Canon's entire catalogue: books, webinars, even sermon recordings. And since the advice and encouragement are timeless, the calendar is too. With just dates (no days of the week), this calendar is perennial. No bogus re-buying year after year!

Moms, teens, grandmas, college girls—this calendar will bless everyone. The perfect Christmas gift, birthday present, Mother's Day offering, or just a much-needed pick-me-up all for yourself.

And it helps that it's gorgeous, with art and designs by Rebekah Merkle on every page.

Finding yourself particularly blessed by one of the sources? Every single one is available on Canon+. 

Soup Night Slapdashery

Do you want to cook for a large group of people but are overwhelmed by the prospect? Look no further! Make meals that are quick, classy, and easy to assemble.

The need to feed a crowd is a fact of life for many Christian communities, but it doesn’t exist anywhere else in the American social scene. Google “feed a big group” and you’ll get cute entertainment magazines with suggestions for caviar and soufflés for six, or, on the other hand, a mass of gray casseroles requiring only hamburger, cream of mushroom, and crushed Fritos.

Where are the actually delicious recipes for an actually large group—whether for a regular Bible study or a home group or a school event—where you don’t have to multiply the recipe by 16?

That’s why Rebekah Merkle has put together these soup night recipes with the scaling, menu, tips, and taste-testing fine-tuned from years in her own home.

If you want to take hospitality seriously but aren’t sure how, this is the book for you. It’s packed with no-nonsense practical advice about grocery runs, best kitchen utensils, soup-night logistics, budget- and time-saving tips, and husband-approved soup recipes (with bread and cinnamon rolls to go with).

Soup Night Slapdashery provides the 16 recipes you need to start practicing hospitality for big crowds. (Yes, regular-batch-sized recipes are included as well.) The great news is this won’t take you a week of prep. With this handy cookbook, you can easily feed a crowd with just a few hours of work.


Psalms for Trials: Meditations on Praying the Psalms

The Psalms are among the most beautiful poems ever written, but sometimes they feel very far from us and our daily struggles and goals.


Dig Into Culture-Building

Celebrations, big and small, build God’s kingdom. So let’s get good at them.

In this four-week webinar, Rachel talks about why Christian families should spend time celebrating, and offers practical advice on how to make your home a hub of beautiful feasting. Don't be a stinker. Enjoy our Father's world.

  • From the Inside Out:
    Theology comes out your fingertips. Build culture on a good foundation.
  • The First Hospitality:
    Start with the daily expression of regular Christian life in your home. Culture-building starts with your family.
  • Using Holidays to Build Culture, Part 1:
    What it all means for how you use your holidays, rather than your holidays using you.
  • Using Holidays to Build Culture, Part 2:
    Building bigger cultural expressions of joy, gratitude, and glory. Christmas and Easter are only appetizers.

How it works:
You'll receive an email with a link to the webinar recordings, and a password to get you access!


Detox for the Modern Mom

What does it actually look like to be a Christian mother in the world today?

It looks a lot different from what the world is telling you mothering looks like. We need a completely different worldview, assumptions about what's true and good and beautiful, and we need to answer all sorts of questions that come up every day in light of those truths.

We'll be talking about...

  • Week 1: Scripture as Foundation
    how to build your mothering habits on Scripture,
  • Week 2: Modern Mothering Myths
    how modern mom advice compares to the standard of the Bible,
  • Week 3: Obedience
    taking responsibility for your obedience and your kids' obedience, and
  • Week 4: Joy and Freedom at Home
    how living like a Christian shapes your home for joy and freedom.

How it works:
You'll receive an email with a link to the webinar recordings, and a password to get you access!

Through the House in Joy

All too often I see Christian women struggling in their home, not having a joyful time, floundering in their faith at home. But the reality is we have Jesus.

We have the gospel. When we apply these truths to our home, we'll see how joyful our work at the home is, how much it is all a part of God's kingdom-building purposes, how if we get the Christian imagination to see what God is doing through the work of our hands at home, we'd see so much more glory, delight, and encouragement in our homes. 

Every facet of the Christian life is something that should be impacted and changed by what we believe about our God. Our homes are such a good picture of everything we do. 

This 4-week webinar will explore the Christian life in the home. Here's what we'll cover. 

  • Week 1: where you are, contentment, the power and purpose of your work at home.
  • Week 2: living spaces, living in fellowship with an open-handed life.
  • Week 3: the kitchen, hunger and satisfaction, both physical and spiritual, as well as hospitality and service
  • Week 4: the bedroom, identity, rest, and security.

I would love to see Christian women fully embracing what their faith means in their homes. and living that out joyfully.

How it works:
You'll receive an email with a link to the webinar recordings, and a password to get you access!

Get a Grip

Let’s pop open a can of worms on the joy and freedom of controlling your emotions. 

In this four-week series, she’ll walk you through a full, biblical perspective on emotional self-control, from the biblical basics to the day-in-day-out application.

  • Emotional Self-Control:
    What It Is, Why It Matters, and What It Means for You
  • The Basics of Self-Differentiation:
    Taking Responsibility for Yourself, Free from Emotional Tyranny
  • Getting Started and Getting Practice:
    Implementing Emotional Self-Control Even if You’re Brand New to This
  • Relationships and the Gift of Emotional Self-Control:
    How Self-Control Sets You Free

How it works:
You'll receive an email with a link to the webinar recordings, and a password to get you access!

Friend Like a Christian

Christian friendship is a tremendous gift. And yet it is a subject that we have a very hard time understanding. 

That's because it is so fraught with complicated scenarios. And oftentimes Christian women are just full of questions, questions about what to do. "If my friend is walking away from the faith, how do I faithfully friend someone who is behaving badly?"

Of course, the world is full of counsel about what to do about toxic friendships and what to do about this and drop a friendship if it's not serving you. And we very rightly know that that's not a Christian principle either, right?

So we are torn between our own instincts with what the world's telling us and oftentimes we don't have a clear picture of what the Bible lays out as our behavior in friendship.

I want to take a look at the principles that the Bible lays out for Christian friendship and I hope to communicate what a tremendous amount of freedom and fruitfulness these principles can bring to Christian friendships.

  • Boundaries and Disclaimers
    Know which good fences make good neighbors
  • The Purpose of a Christian Friendship
    Friendship is for people who are going somewhere
  • Pitfalls and Possibilities
    A companion on the way to heaven ≠ emotional caretaker
  • Building Healthy Friendships

    Build positive habits to be a faithful Christian friend.

How it works:
You'll receive an email with a link to the webinar recordings, and a password to get you access!

Big Hospitality

Watch Rachel Jankovic's webinar where you get principles, tips, & practical encouragement on how to practice big hospitality. Like serving 30 people from a single home kitchen.

You get four videos where you learn

  • biblical principles behind hospitality
  • the value of biblical hospitality
  • what biblical hospitality accomplishes
  • practical applications for big hospitality
  • menu planning
  • how to deal with hospitality problems

It features a downloadable menus and Q&A to help you practice big hospitality. Here's a sample of the questions answered in the webinars.

Part 1: Comfort

  • How do you be persistent when many Christians in your community have super busy schedules and rarely say "yes"?
  • When you take on supplying the food but someone asks what to bring, do you take them up on the offer?
  • What are rules in your home for where people/kids are and are not allowed to be? How do you monitor children throughout the home?
  • How do you deal with discipline issues with your own children in the middle of hospitality?
  • Ice-breakers for groups of people who don't know each other yet?
  • Suggestions for how to train your children to help prepare for guests?
  • How do you be hospitable when you live farther away from people, like in rural country?
  • How do you deal with other's people's children being bad in your house?

Part 2: Love

  • Could you give more examples of pulling vs pushing as a hostess? 
  • Tips on when your child vomits all over the walls?
  • How do you encourage yourself to keep pursuing obedience in showing hospitality when it seems like the favor is rarely returned to your family?
  • What if your house is not big enough to host everyone who wants to come?
  • How do you deal with people who try to dominate your home?
  • What's a good way to lower the volume when hosting in a tiny house as I don't want to be the person going around shushing people? 
  • I have a neighbor that I am trying to be hospitable to, but I homeschool, and she will frequently invite herself in while we are schooling: how do I handle that well? 
  • I enjoy hosting and do it regularly, but often I feel anxious and nervous and my guests don't feel at ease when I'm not: any advice for overcoming this?
  • Can you walk through how you deal with sin in the midst and in the pressure of getting things ready, as I catch myself getting snarky and flustered as all the things that need to be done?
  • Looking at last week's recipes, where do you buy your large amounts of curry powder? 
  • How often are you hosting people every week?
  • How do you decide between hospitality vs family time?
  • Do you announce your guest list to those you have invited to a gathering?
  • Can you talk about planning for hospitality, like planning out the whole year?
  • What do you mean when you say "daisy chain family"?
  • What are your suggestions for prioritizing hospitality vs family life?
  • What kind of drinks do you serve at soup night, or any kind of casual meal with lots of guests?
  • How do you budget hosting regularly?
  • Are you cooking/prepping all day Saturday?
  • How do you deal with birthday parties, as we have a lot of people whose feelings will be hurt if they don't get an invite so parties usually have 60-80 guests?
  • Do you always ask about food allergies or intolerances? 
  • Do your kids not play sports or have any extracurricular activities on Saturdays? 

Part 3: Joy

  • Everywhere we go COVID-19 and politics dominate the conversation: what is your suggestion for how to redirect the conversation without outright saying This topic is off limits? 
  • Do you have any easy soup recipes as we host a small group in our church every week?
  • How do I encourage my kids to see cleaning up after their friends as a joyful part of hospitality because my eight year old told me he doesn't like having people over sometimes because he doesn't want to clean up?
  • Do you think it is appropriate to use tithing money for hospitality?
  • How can I show hospitality when visiting other people's homes?
  • I just got married and am living in a 700 sq ft apartment: what advice do you have for those just starting out with hospitality in small spaces?
  • Do you have any suggestions for the constant use of phones by guests?
  • How should we respond to people asking Should I bring something?
  • What are your thoughts on setting the table (do you enjoy doing it and do you set it the same every time)?
  • Disposable or washable soup cups?
  • Do you still have Sabbath dinners on holidays and do anything special for these dinners like scripture readings?

Part 4: Hope

  • What is your advice for holding Sabbath dinner with young children as we tried having a family over but it only wore out the kids, making them unprepared for church?
  • In my country it is punishable by fine to gather together for a meal: worth it?
  • Is the biggest difference the attitude of the heart more than what the hospitality looks like?
  • Is it necessary to have a scripture reading at every hospitality event?
  • What are some hospitality hacks for mothers with young children?
  • Any tips for dealing with a grumpy guest who is making the other guests uncomfortable, when to overlook, when to come to the other guest's defense?
  • When making massive amounts of stuffing or salad dressing, is it possible to make those things in advance? Do you also have people over on Sundays?
  • Tips for how to involve kids 1-3 or doing big hospitality during the baby years?
  • How do you know when you are doing too much hospitality (kids 4, 2, 1, 4mo, and we try to have people over every week)?
  • Tips for making beautiful table settings on a budget?
  • Will long-term home repairs make guests uncomfortable to the point of hampering hospitality?
  • What does a day of preparing for hospitality look like for you (do you prep a lot in advance)?
  • After observing the Sabbath, what does Sunday breakfast and lunch look like?
  • Is the Saturday Sabbath dinner the time when you would have guests/new friends/unbelievers over as well?
  • Would you do an activity like reading a book to your kids and guest kids or just focus on the adults?
  • How do you figure out food portions and when double/triple/quadruple portions should be made?
  • Do you always use all your silverware, or do you bring it out for big hospitality?
  • What size coffee pot do you own?

How it works:
You'll receive an email with a link to the webinar recordings, and a password to get you access!

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Wonderful book! Engaging, academic but readable, fascinating. Loved every page.

Mere Christendom
David Boesch

Great book

Good read but not for young kids

This series is very good but the recommended age is 8 to 12. These books are way too dark and scary fir that age group. I am enjoying it though.


Love it. Gives such wonderful encouragement.

White Horse KInd

Learned a lot and was very well written

The several month wait was not my favorite. But having all 176 verses of Psalm 119 set to music more than made up for it.

A Loving Kick in the Pants!

This is exactly what I needed! It felt like sitting down with a Godly, older woman for coffee. A great balance of truth and love-kind, but not afraid to point out your sin!

Great Summation

The video is a helpful summary of the book of the same name. We appreciate the humor and the challenges. We pray God will use this video to help encourage men to joyful and fully embrace their roles as the head of their household for the glory of God!

Just what I needed

As a new Christian, I needed this daily encouragement in my life! It is encouraging and honest.

Love it

Absolutely wonderful daily encouragement for me right where I am, full of truths that I can grasp and apply immediately.

Wartime Songbook
Clifford Dunn
Great Songbook.

I love the songbook. It's brilliant.

Leepike Ridge
Lacey Katka

Leepike Ridge

Man Rampant Study Guides

My family and will cherish this resource, Lord willing, for many years! Thank you.

Killer Angel
Michael Kobularcik

I am very happy George Grant put this together for all to read. It really shows you the horrible person she was. It shines a light on planned Parenthood that makes you feel sick to your stomach. This lady was simply the worst.

Blah Blah Black Sheep
Michael Kobularcik
Simply great

This is our first kids book from Canon and it was great. The story and art were both amazing and our daughter enjoys it!

Guided discussion through this Beautifully written book.

This book is written in a flowing, beautiful, and poetic stream of thought, nearly a stream of consciousness. It's insight into worldview and the role of philosophy in Christianity is enlightening. Worth the read! The study guide is a great roadmap to having a group discussion of this book. The questions prompt great discussions.

Great purchase

This is not a daily fluff quote. This has substance, and will challenge you and help you keep your focus on eternity as you go through your day. And it won’t get old as you use it year after year.

The Femina Daily Quote Calendar

The Femina Daily Quote Calendar
Mary Margaret Winburne

This is a treasured collection of profound wisdom from women who have walked deeply with God over their lives. I look forward to turning the page every morning to find another gem!

Great Curriculum!

A must have!

A wonderful resource for parents raising men in a world that wants to destroy them!

The Femina Daily Quote Calendar

The Princess and Curdie
Regina Urbanek

Love the story line and imagination

Very Helpful

I found this book to be tremendously helpful. This book tackles what is perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of a pastors life, and also of those who advise and counsel him. Doug deals with the issues with clarity and compassion.