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The Other Day the Music Died

The Other Day the Music Died

Annual Ministerial Conference (2000)

Theology and music should fit like hand and glove, though most of us have little idea how. This ministerial conference helps us see the intricate teaching of the Scriptures on music, and its high importance for Christians in worship and in life. The following topics are included in this set:

1. Propriety and Worship Music - Douglas Wilson

2. Music and Emotion - Douglas Jones

3. The Design of Creation as a Model and Pattern for Music in Worship - Louis Schuler

4. Synagogue or Temple? Models for Christian Worship - Peter Leithart

5. Ecstasy: Worshipful or Orgasmic? - Douglas Wilson

6. Profundity in Music - Douglas Jones

7. From Silence to Song: The Transformation of OT Worship - Peter Leithart

8. The Musical Calling of the Priesthood of Believers in Music - Louis Schuler

9. Dealing with Musical Culture Outside the Church - Douglas Wilson

10. Trinity and Polyphony - Douglas Jones

11. Raising Up the Tabernacle of David - Peter Leithart

12. Promoting the Psalms - Douglas Wilson