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Dear Parents
Communicating the Christian & Classical Vision to Families

Dear Parents is Tom Garfield’s popular series of letters on nurturing the classical, Christian vision in schools and at home. Tom’s thoughts on education and life are cheerful, honest, entertaining, and above all centered on Christ. Parents and teachers will come away from this book with an understanding of the importance of the family in the role of the education, along with much practical advice from a career of more than thirty years in classical, Christian education.

Tom’s letters cover the essentials, like the prerequisites to a good education (the importance of the family), classical instruction and curriculum, discipline, how to teach boys versus girls, alongside more wide-ranging topics like grades, how to avoid boring your students, a brief defense of theater (and Harry Potter), and much more.

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AUTHOR: Tom Garfield

PAGE COUNT: 230 pages

SIZE: 6x9"

ISBN-10: 1-952410-50-9

ISBN-13: 978-1-952410-50-5