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Trivium Sketches DVD

Several years ago one of our customers suggested we create a DVD that demonstrates classical education at work.

She wanted to see for herself the distinctives of a classical education. This DVD does just that. You'll see our K-12 students engaged in all the activities that comprise a classical education, complete with ample narrative description to explain what you'll see occurring in the classroom. Approximately 86 minutes long.

Each of the three parts of the Trivium are demonstrated and explained on this DVD: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. Perfect for any teacher new to classical education, whether teaching at home or in a regular school. We guarantee this DVD will strengthen your understanding and application of classical education techniques.

Table Of Contents

  • Grammar (~29 minutes)
    • Chanting
    • Review/Sound-Off
    • Catechism/Shurley Method
    • Music
    • Disputatio/Review
    • Latin
    • Reading
    • Summary
  • Dialectic/Logic (~20 minutes)
    • Discussion
    • Debate
    • Examine Arguments
    • Progymnasmata
    • Physical Training
  • Rhetoric/Poetic (~37 minutes)
    • Five Canons
      • Invention/Impromptu
      • Arrangement
      • Style
      • Memory
      • Delivery
    • Drama
    • Thesis
    • Mock Trial
    • Apologetics
    • Independent Study
    • Graduation

Testimonials from a school:

"Our school has been in existence since 1964, offering a solid program of phonics and traditional Christian school curriculum. We became members of ACCS last spring and implemented the classical curriculum and methodology last September.  Last week we had a teachers' workshop, and the teachers viewed Trivium Sketches.  The response was a unanimous 'WOW!'"

Here are some individual comments:

"Trivium Sketches helped me look beyond the theory of classical education and into real classroom situations to see its application."  -Paula, 1st Grade / Music Teacher

"Seeing how thoroughly well rounded the students were from the youngest to the oldest, makes me want to go back to grammar school and start all over again!"  Shelly -5/6 Grade Teacher

"After watching Trivium Sketches, my enthusiasm for the classical education approach skyrocketed!  Now I see the "whole picture" and how wonderful these techniques are... both from a teacher's perspective and as a parent.  I am excited to be a part of this program and have a renewed hope in the future of America."  -Dr. Carol Midkiff, American Christian School, NJ


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