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Weapons & Tactics
A Handbook on Personal Evangelism

How should we evangelize? Learn from a lifelong, faithful, Scripture-centered evangelist of our own time.

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Even if communities understand how to follow the principles of spiritual warfare, the actual winning of souls usually occurs on the personal level. Big-picture evangelistic strategy must be complemented by an understanding of personal evangelism. Weapons and Tactics teaches individual Christians how to apply the evangelistic principles described in Principles of War. Using thorough analysis of Scripture and real-life examples, Jim Wilson provides insight on spiritual weapons (what God has given us to fight with) and tactics (the effective use of those weapons) with simple, powerful language. Weapons and Tactics calls us to personal, life-changing obedience as we follow our captain in the fight. Weapons and Tactics is the second book in the Practical Evangelism series.

What People Are Saying:

"Jim Wilson is an amazing evangelist. He takes books on airplanes in a variety of languages and then just happens to be seated next to people who need the books in those languages. God blesses him with opportunities to share the Gospel everywhere he goes. Of course part of it is that Jim is driven to make disciples of every nation and everyone he comes into contact with either comes to Christ or is brought closer to him." -Mike Lawyer, counselor and pastor

Jim Wilson has been a pastor, counselor, and the director of Community Christian Ministries in Moscow, Idaho, for over forty years. Before that, he served as a naval officer for nine years and worked with Officers’ Christian Fellowship for twelve years. Jim has authored several books, including Taking Men Alive, Weapons & Tactics, and Being Christian. He is a father of four, grandfather of fifteen, and great‐grandfather of twenty‐eight and counting.

PUBLISHER: Canon Press

AUTHOR: Jim Wilson

PAGE COUNT: 138 pages

SIZE: 5x8"

ISBN 10: 1-591281-15-6

ISBN-13: 978-1-591281-15-3

PUB. DATE: December 11, 2012