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Worship in Harmony
Selected Favorites BASS (1st Edition Cantus)

Worship in Harmony: Selected Favorites BASS

The Cantus Christi was created initially created to provide our local church with a body of worship music that was historical, orthodox, and beautiful. In fact, many of the musical settings were chosen specifically for their beautiful four-part harmonies. Yet, for those of us who have never been taught to read music, trying to sing the parts can be confusing and frustrating.

Worship in Harmony is designed to fit alongside the Cantus Christi as a musical aid for individuals, families, and churches who want to sing in four-part harmony. Simple and easy to use, these CDs first introduce singers to their parts and then guide them into familiarity. They are ideal for a number of useschurch psalm sings, family worship, self-tutorial, and even background listening. The clear direction of these recordings will help church members become more comfortable with singing harmony while strengthening church worship.

Each vocal part (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass) has its own CD, specially mixed to favor that particular part. For example, if you want to learn the tenor notes, simply insert the CD and turn your speaker balance all the way to the left. When you press "play," the only part you will hear is the tenor (along with piano accompaniment). This will equip you to learn your part without getting confused by the other voices. Once you're comfortable with the music, you can start turning the balance back to normal. The tenor line will still be emphasized over the other three parts, but you'll be able to practice singing alongside other voices. Worship in Harmony: Selected Favorites includes 19 tracks: No. Page Title - Psalm

1 28 The Lord Hear Thee in Troubled Times - Psalm 20

2 31 Be Not Far Off, for Grief is Near - Psalm 22:11-20

3 74 I waited for the Lord - Psalm 40:1-9

4 113 Thee, O God, Yes, Thee We Praise - Psalm 75

5 120 How Lovely, Lord of Hosts, to Me - Psalm 84

6 134 O Sing a New Song to the Lord - Psalm 98

7 150 Jehovah to My Lord Has Said - Psalm 110

8 158 Before Thee Let My Cry Come Near - Psalm 119:169-176

9 160 O, Twas a Joyful Sound to Hear - Psalm 122

10 162 Let Israel Now Say in Thankfulness - Psalm 124

11 166 Blessed the Man That Fears Jehovah - Psalm 128

12 192 From Heaven O Praise the Lord - Psalm 148

13 258 How Sweet and Awful is the Place

14 282 The Son of God Goes Forth to War

15 353 God Moves in a Mysterious Way

16 406 Sanctus

17 436 Gloria Patri

18 437 Doxology

19 bonus Word and Water, Bread and Wine