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The What Have You Podcast
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Postmill Domesticity

Bekah Merkle and Rachel Jankovic are two sisters getting together for a weekly coffee date (in the car) to chat about whatever issues happen to occur to them. They cover the waterfront of topics from confessing sins to sorting the laundry to what books they’re reading at the moment. Unscripted and unfiltered, these two NSA alums invite you to join them for a chat about what have you.

Reviews from Listeners
Warning: You will come away yearning to bake a pie, master sourdough, or delve into fiber arts. They will win you over with their colorful tales of domesticity as much as their commitment to practically living out God’s commandments to women. Any Christian woman who wants to bless her family and challenge her mind while laughing along the way must listen to this podcast!
The first time I listened to this podcast I started laughing out loud while feeding my newborn baby. I haven't stopped listening ever since. This podcast encourages me so much on how to be faithful with what I'm given. How to glorify God in the way I cook dinner, employ my creative efforts, relate to my husband and raise my child. The biggest things and the seemingly little things. I love it most because it encourages me to get out there and "Do" especially in a season of my life where painful circumstances are out of my control. It has given me tangible ways of being faithful and encouragement in my walk with God.
This podcast has been so influential in my life. Adjusting my attitude away from me and towards the God I love and serve has been game changing in my family. I have laughed myself to tears so many times. I have learned and relearned so much truth. I have been able to filter through the lies of the world so much easier. And I have gotten to work! Get out of the way, and do what God has called you to do! And listen to the podcast, it’s the most fun!
Just two sisters chatting about life, Christianity, parenting, cooking and baking! I love the variety of topics they discuss. It has motivated me to really delve into working hard at homemaking and reading the Bible! I love the encouragement to do both!
This podcast is so wonderful. They make me want to be a better mom and wife, and take joy in things that I frequently find drudgery. I love their selfless attitude about life and work serving your family, and they way they always have Scripture on the tips of their tongues.
I have been listening to podcasts for at least 4-5 years and have never found one so refreshing. Your banter and tips make my day, but most importantly, your solid grasp of the gospel and it’s application has truly been so formative in my walk with Christ in the short period I have been listening!
This is my lifeline. Legitimate giggling, or belly laughing my way through lonely or difficult times in my day. Getting to listen in on conversations between these two sisters is such a gift. It inspires me, challenges me, encourages me and kills me. Just feel like I’m hanging out with a couple of besties who know who they are, know who Jesus is and what He has called them to. So thankful.
These sisters will have you laughing, repenting, praying, googling things you’ve never heard of, and reading more of your Bible in no time! This gets me through hours of dishes and laundry. I can’t get enough of their honest rebukes and hilarious anecdotes.
Never met these ladies, but they feel like the Jesus-loving older sisters I never had! If you’re looking for countercultural, biblical talk on how to love mom-life and do it excellently, take a listen here. I stroll with my six-month-old while catching up on episodes, and I often have to tamp down the giggles so the neighbors don’t think I’m crazy.
These girls have changed my life in so many ways! I’ve gone back and listened to almost all recordings, it’s that good! I’ve learned to laugh and myself, enjoy the Bible and I let God all while listening in on these sisterly conversations on burnt dinners, grouchy attitudes, and humbling velveta recipes. And more than anything I have learned that even I can choose joy no matter what my emotions are trying to drag me into.