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The two biggest challenges homeschooling families face is picking the right curriculum and then planning the daily work to get each student to their grade-level goals by summertime—all the while raising your kids to enjoy God and love how He has made our minds. You can take care of both these difficulties with the Complete Daily Lesson Plans for the Logos Press Homeschool Bundles.

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At Logos Press our educational team begins with the award-winning curriculum used at Logos School, the founding school of the classical Christian education movement, and then we adapt the wisdom and expertise of its teachers for each grade level to be the best fit for homeschools. With the Logos Press Homeschool Bundles, you can trust that you’re getting the same commitment to Christ-centered education and academic excellence that has been present at Logos School since 1981.

These lesson plans, available as a paperback or digital download, provide all the tools for your school year and map out how and when to teach every lesson of every subject. Of course we recommend going at whatever pace best fits your child’s learning style—and adapting our bundle to fit your family best!

GRADE LEVEL: Second Grade (ages 7-8)

LENGTH: 36 weeks (adapt to your child as needed)

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    Love this products

    I love the simplicity and thoroughness of the lesson plans. They are easy to alter if needed or to work ahead when possible.


    Love it!

    Brent H.
    Looks good

    It looks very easy schedule to follow, I’m starting homeschool next year but getting prepared now

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