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Product: Books & Tests Package + DVD Course + Flashcards

Learn to master arguments with Intermediate Logic. Watch this video to see what's inside the video courses.

Logic should be your secret weapon.

Studying formal logic can be intimidating without the right help, but knowing how to think logically isn't just for "experts."

Our easy-to-read layout comes with summaries, key points, definitions, and cautions so you learn and keep an understanding of logic. It's the tool for learning how to use other tools.

It's the bones that give a clenched fist its structure (and knuckles).

Intermediate Logic is perfect for Grade 8+ students, teachers, and parents who've never tackled syllogisms or fallacies before.

It provides a semester or year's worth of logic to help you detect and deflect flawed or deceitful arguments and to think, debate, and argue well.

The complete Intermediate Logic video course is available for streaming with a subscription to Canon+. Visit to learn more.

    Inside Intermediate Logic

    • Intermediate Logic helps you:
      • Discern between valid, consistent, equivalent, and contradictory statements by learning how arguments rely on logic operators (Unit 1—Truth Tables)
      • Predict what someone’s about to conclude using the nine basic rules of thinking (Unit 2—Formal Proofs of Validity)
      • Judge contradictory claims by testing consistency, self-contradiction, tautology, equivalence, and validity (Unit 3—Truth Trees)
      • Follow the train of thought of famous thinkers and writers by easily identifying “chains of thought” (Unit 4—Applying the Tools to Arguments)
      • Optional: Understand how digital devices work by learn the basics of programming through digital logic (Unit 5—Digital Logic).
          • Student Edition
            • 40 lessons covering propositional arguments.
            • sidebars with definitions, key points, cautions, suggestions for further study, activities for thinking deeper, and historical information
            • perforated pages with practice exercises
          • Teacher's Edition
            • a daily lesson schedule for completing Intermediate Logic in a semester or a year-long course.
            • answers to all exercises, review questions, review exercises, quizzes, and tests in the order they are taught.
            • contains the entire Student Edition text—with the same page numbers as the Student Edition! No more flipping back and forth between answer keys and textbook.
            • daily lesson plans with step-by-step teaching advice, objectives, and assignments
          • Video Courses
            • expanded lessons and examples for independent students or a teacher's prep
            • animations and visual cues
            • veteran teacher Brian Kohl teaches through every lesson and practice test to help independent students or teachers who need to prepare
          • Tests & Quizzes
            • quizzes every two or three lessons (not just tests)
            • two versions of each test for extra practice
            • answers in 3rd Ed. Intro Teacher
            • looseleaf, hole-punched, resealable packets to prevent copying
          • How does Kraken Latin avoid boredom?
          • Can beginners teach Latin?
          • Who is Natali Monette? Natali H. Monnette is the author of the Kraken Latin series. She has an M.A. in Linguistics and Classical Languages from the University of Idaho, and she has taught many Latin students over the years, including her own children. Natali and her husband Jess and their kids now live in Wenatchee, WA. She has a particular fondness for fairy tales, Virgil's Aeneid, the Vulgate, and Nutella.

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          Great product. My student still hates them. :)

          We purchased the flashcard set to use for Challenge B of Classical Conversations (the student and teacher book set were purchased somewhere else). Making his own flashcards has never been worth the time it takes for him but he still needed the vocabulary review and this was an acceptable compromise. The cards are sturdy, clearly printed, with corresponding lessons noted on the bottom. I only wish my student enjoyed them as much as I do. :)

          Christine C.

          Well done!

          Marie K.

          Intermediate Logic

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