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Dutch Color

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Douglas Jones

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What do you do when your father does not return from Italy? You look for him, of course.

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Amid the golden era of Dutch art, Clara has a passion for painting and life. But the two don't always mix. Her father is long overdue from Italy with the latest paint recipes, but lies, famous art, rare tulips, and sugary girls crowd Clara's search for her father. Someone knows where he might be, but it will cost more than Clara's talents to find out. This short children's novel by Douglas Jones is entertaining and allows kids to enter into another time period with likeable and exemplary characters. A real treat for young readers!

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From the Book:

"It’s not this one. No. It smells too much like fish,' Clara said. Her fingers thoughtlessly toyed with the fabric of her brother’s sleeve. Their Uncle Caspar stared out over the harbor from under the broad brim of his dark hat, but Uncle Hendrick tilted his head and looked over his spectacles at the wooden bulk sitting in front of the four of them; it was a common Dutch fluit ship, newly built that year, 1629.

'Well, it is a fishing boat,' Uncle Hendrick said. He stared at the back of Clara’s head, speaking as if to a slightly mad dog. 'And this is a harbor. Everything here is required to smell like fish. Even my new jacket now, thanks to you.” His words poked holes through the lingering smoke of his pipe.'" -From the beginning of the book

Douglas Jones was a senior editor of Credenda/Agenda magazine and a fellow of philosophy at New St. Andrews College, Moscow, Idaho. His prior children's books, Huguenot Garden and Scottish Seas received C.S. Lewis Noteworthy Children's Book honors.

AUTHOR: Douglas Jones

PAGE COUNT: 210 pages

SIZE: 5.50x8.50

BINDING: Paperback

ISBN 10: 188576765X

ISBN-13: 9781885767653

PUB. DATE: August 23, 2000

Customer Reviews

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Antonia F.
A Tasteful Craft for Crafting Girls

Dutch Color is a fun, beautiful, vivid, moving, and teleologically Christian book that is wonderful for girls! Not only does it paint a realistic young female character that many girls today can relate to, but it also teaches girls to be bold in obeying Christ, that disobeying Christ only leads to deadly muteness of the soul, and that our God-given male authorities in our lives are a gift to be leaned upon/ submitted to, to lead us.

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