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American War for Independence

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American War for Independence: Men and Battles - Annual Trinity Festival (2005)

Stow your politically correct textbooks and join Lillback, Wilkins, and Wilson as they blaze a trail of early American history wide enough to fit seventeen cranky liberal historians abreast. These lectures dispel popular myths about the American War for Independence (or as the British often called it, the "Presbyterian Rebellion") and illumine the triumphs of unsung battlefield saints, such as Israel Putnam and Francis Marion. The following topics are included in this set:

1. 18th Century English Clintons - Steve Wilkins

2. The Black Regiment - Douglas Wilson

3. Richard H. Lee - Steve Wilkins

4. God and General Washington - Peter Lillback

5. Israel Putnam - Steve Wilkins

6. Valley Forge: The Battle for the Soul of America - Peter Lillback

7. Francis Marion - Douglas Wilson

8. Paul Revere & the Midnight Ride of the Huguenots - Peter Lillback

9. The Battle of Saratoga - Douglas Wilson

10. Questions & Answers - Lillback, Wilkins, & Wilson

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Grant V.B.

I write this review in June 2020, and boy does the content of these conferences ever apply. Our courageous American founding, and the Calvinism which undergird it, needs to be learned more than ever

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