Shepherding Young People

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Douglas Wilson


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Shepherding Young People

As children enter their pre-teen and teenage years, parents face the challenge of learning how to encourage and direct their kids without pushing them away. Shepherding Young People, a six-part sermon series by Douglas Wilson, discusses several aspects of this challenge, including tough issues like loving and teaching teenagers and setting biblical standards. Along the way, Wilson exposes common myths about dealing with older children, turning parents' attention to the always-current wisdom of Scripture. For parents who want to do more than "survive" these years, there is great hope. The following topics are included in this set:

1. Loving Your Teenager

2. Teaching Your Teenager

3. Standards for Teenagers

4. Recovering Lost Ground

5. Lies About Teenagers

6. The Facts of Life

Customer Reviews

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David King
Shepherding Young People

Helpful in a very pastoral way. Balanced in the sense that Doug didn't give a bunch of impossible principles that only fit the precise scenario used in the example. 'Loving Your Teen' is exceptional. The series seemed to be about 15 years old or more, and I'd like to hear it updated.

Joyce Morrill
Immensely Helpful

As always, Doug Wilson doesn't disappoint. My husband and I found this series of lectures invaluable. We would love the notes that go along with them if they are ever available.

Caleb Mohr

We have 3 children. Two are teenagers, one is an adult. This resource was incredibly helpful for us. One to listen to multiple times.

Shannon Tederoff
Shepherding Young People

This audio brought our some really valuable points about raising teenagers. Very practical advice. I would really recommend it to anyone who has kids approaching the teenage years or are there already.