Women & Marriage

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Nancy Wilson


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Women & Marriage

This set of talks was originally recorded in the year 19-something. The sound quality was less than desirable, so we asked Mrs. Wilson to re-record it. She graciously agreed. We're quite sure you'll be delighted with this new version. Marriage is designed to be challenging, and this series of talks focuses on a wife's responsibilities within a godly marriage. It explains the nature of respect, the effectiveness of communication, family fruitfulness, and how men think. The following topics are included in this set:

1. Respecting Husbands

2. Communication

3. Keeping Short Accounts

4. Protecting the Sexual Relationship

5. Fruitfulness

6. How Men Think

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Matthew B.

Women & Marriage

Wonderfully Convicting and Encouraging

I loved how this audiobook challenged my perspective of biblical marriage and spurred me on in my faith.

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