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J. C. Ryle

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THE CHRISTIAN HERITAGE SERIES: The authors in the Christian Heritage Series paid a high price for the words you see before you. Not all paid with blood, but each spent his life fighting for the truth. This faithful sacrifice has become a rich inheritance for the Church in our day, even though it is often neglected. The Christian Heritage Series aims to put these important theological classics on every Christian’s bookshelf in colorful, well-crafted, and affordable volumes, with introductions written by those that love the books and their heritage.


INTRODUCTION: Jared Longshore

PAGE COUNT: 486 pages

SIZE: 5.5x8.5"

BINDING: Paperback

ISBN 10: 1954887264

ISBN-13: 9781954887268

PUB. DATE: October 5, 2021

“Many Christians are not sure what to do. Some have sought to claim the crown rights of King Jesus all the way up to the high places only to find themselves sacrificing to idols upon arrival. Others have opted for the monastery in a Benedictine attempt to preserve the faith amid the rise of Barbarian culture. Neither of those options will suffice…. It is past time for a recovery of the full exercise of the Christian religion. And such a recovery requires the vital, life-animating power of holiness.” ~From the introduction by Jared Longshore

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The modern American Church has forgotten the call to holy living.

If we are not blithely ignoring the sin in our lives, we often restrict holiness to reading our Bibles and praying. However holiness is something that should include everything in our lives, and in this series of sermons, J.C. Ryle shows why we must fight sin in every area of life.

He shows how Christians can be assured that they are saved in Christ and how through Him they can be victorious in their own battles.

“You are often sick at heart of your own short-comings…. But know now that Jesus can see some beauty in everything that you do from a conscientious desire to please Him. His eye can discern excellence in the least thing which is a fruit of His own Spirit. He can pick out the grains of gold from amidst the dross of your performances, and sift the wheat from amidst the chaff, in all your doings. Your tears are all put into His bottle. Your endeavors to do good to others, however feeble, are written in His book of remembrance.” ~J.C. Ryle

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James K.
Best book on sanctification I've read

Enough said

Chris H.
Always in my top 10 recommendations

Whenever someone asks for recommendations for books on holy living, I recommend this book. We think things in the church today are so much worse than in the past (smoke machines and skinny jeans, etc.). However, reading this book lets you know that the more things change, the more they stay the same. This book will help you understand how to be holy when the world and church around you is going nuts.

Phillip R.
Perhaps the finest study of the topic ever produced

J. C. Ryle is not remembered now, which is a shame. He was, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest Christians of the 19th century. He is, in many ways, a latter day Puritan. His concerns, at his best are always: Biblical fidelity, clarity and simplicity and practical application. This may be his magnum opus. It is a book on the most important of subjects that we s filled with wisdom and encouragement. Indeed, one might anticipate a severe rebuke from a book on this subject yet it is a mighty encouragement pointing the reader to the Lord Jesus. I cannot recommend this too highly. Canon Press has done the Church a great service in reprinting this treasure in a beautiful and affordable form.

john m.
Wonderful book

A must read.

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