Letter of Consolation

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Christian Fantoni

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Book details

AUTHOR: Pierre Viret

TRANSLATOR: Christian Fantoni

PAGE COUNT: 68 pages

SIZE: 5.5x8.5"

BINDING: Paperback

ISBN 10: 1954887248

ISBN-13: 9781954887244

PUB. DATE: February 28, 2023

“No tyranny is eternal. When a bow is bent too long, it will break. The more bent it is, the likelier it is to break. Nothing can overcome the violence of tyrants but the endurance of the saints. Nothing can dull the blades of their swords; nothing can diminish and extinguish their fires but faith and constant prayers.” ~Pierre Viret

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In Letter of Consolation, Pierre Viret—John Calvin’s friend and a forgotten hero of the Reformation—comforts and encourages his people through intense persecution. This book is a new translation of Viret’s writing during seasons of Roman Catholic oppression and up to the legalization of Protestant worship in France in 1559. The Letter explores not only the Protestant Christian response to tyranny and hardship, but also how to maintain faith as persecution recedes. As Viret wrote, “Let us always be like those who sail at sea. If no wind is blowing now, let us be even more careful and prepared for storms and tribulations.”

“Was preaching needed? He was there. Was a theological dispute organized? He was ready. Did his sheep need their pastor? Viret met their needs tirelessly. He advised them, consoled them. He was there for them, all the time, with dedication unsurpassed.” ~From translator Christian Fantoni’s Introduction

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James C.

Gave to my pastor as a gift.


Very helpful!

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