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Rachel Jankovic

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Motherhood is glorious, laborious, and rarely glamorous. 

What is often needed—and what parenting books often skim over entirely—is a practical, everyday guide not only to godly parenting, but also to becoming a godly parent.

 While many books for mothers are sappy and self-obsessed, Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches is hard-nosed and down-to-earth, guiding mothers through the trials big and small of raising Christians. With its nitty-gritty approach, it’s no wonder that this book is Canon Press’s all-time bestseller.

In this follow up to Loving the Little Years, Rachel Jankovic pushes her parenting "field notes" out onto the skinny branches of motherhood. Fit to Burst is chock-full of humorous examples and fresh advice covering issues familiar to every mom such as guilt cycles, temptations to be ungrateful or bitter, and learning how to honor Jesus by giving in the mundane things. 

• You Who: Why You Matter and How to Deal with It + Study Guide takes the identity question into the nitty gritty details of everyday life. Here's the first clue: Stop looking inside yourself, and start planting flags of everyday faithfulness. In Christianity, the self is always a tool and never a destination. The Study Guide includes chapter summaries, 4-6 questions for discussion and practical application, and recommended Scripture passages to study and consider. Perfect for small groups or Bible studies.


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Loving the Little Years

"I didn't write this book because mothering little ones is easy for me. I wrote it because it isn't. I know that this is a hard job, because I am right here in the middle of it. I know you need encouragement because I do too." In this book, Rachel Jankovic, mother of seven, offers practical advice on how to persevere in the high but demanding call of motherhood. This is not a tender reminiscence from someone who had children so long ago that she only remembers the sweet parts. This is a small collection of thoughts on mothering young children for when you are motivated, for when you are discouraged, for the times when discipline seems fruitless, and for when you are just plain old tired. The opportunities for growth abound here but you have to be willing. You have to open your heart to the tumble. As you deal with your children, deal with yourself always and first. This is what it looks like, and feels like, to walk as a mother with God.

Fit to Burst

"I don't pull punches or hold back in this book, because I am writing to myself as much as to you. If something in this book strikes a little close to home for you, know that it struck in my home first." This book addresses less familiar topics, including the impact that moms have on the relationships between dads and kids, the importance of knowing when to laugh at kid-sized sin, and more. Fit to Burst will help us to be moms who parent with the story in mind rather than snapshot, who know how to both give and require much from their children in the everyday mayhem, and who understand the importance of biscuits.

You Who? Why You Matter and How to Deal with It 

If "who am I?" is the question you're asking, Rachel Jankovic doesn't want you to "find yourself" or "follow your heart." Those lies are nothing to the confidence, freedom, and clarity of purpose that come with knowing what is actually essential about you. And the answer to that question is at once less and more than what you are hoping for. Christians love the idea that self-expression is the essence of a beautiful person, but that's a lie, too. With trademark humor and no nonsense practicality, Rachel Jankovic explains the fake story of the self, starting with the inventions of a supremely ugly man named Sartre (rhymes with "blart"). And we — men and women, young and old — have bought his lie of the "best self," with terrible results. Thankfully, that's not the end of our story. 

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Rachel Jankovic Bundle

Megan R.
Gospel Encouragement

I love Rachel’s no-nonsense style of encouraging moms without varnishing over the hard truths. Don’t look to these books for saccharine or fluffy platitudes; you won’t find them here. Instead, you’ll read uncompromising and gospel-driven truth that somehow fills your heart hope and courage in spite of (or perhaps because of) not glossing over the hard realities of life and motherhood.

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