Dragons and Dragonslayers

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Tim Chester


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Tim Chester is the pastor of Grace Church Boroughbridge in England, a faculty member of Crosslands Training and the author of over thirty books, including You Can Change and A Meal with Jesus. His latest book, Enjoying God, is 21st-century version of Owen's Communion with God.

IMPRINT: Canonball Books

GENRE: Middle Grade (Grades 4-9)

AUTHOR: Tim Chester

ILLUSTRATOR: Meghan Antkowiak


SIZE: 5x8"

ISBN-10: 1947644238

ISBN-13: 9781947644236

BINDING: Paperback

Media: Paperback

This imaginatively illustrated book includes eight dragon myths from China, Greece, Japan, England, Iceland, and even America—and explains why we are telling these kinds of stories.

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Who doesn't love a good dragon story full of swords, scales, and trickery? This imaginatively illustrated book for kids retells ten classic dragon stories from China, Greece, Japan, England, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, and even America.

We'll read of John Lambton, a boy who hooked a tiny, foul-smelling dragon while fishing—and lived to regret cutting it loose. We'll enjoy the strange stories of Thor trying to wrestle the World Serpent, or Susanoo using rice wine to outwit a dragon the size of eight hills. We'll shudder as we follow a hideous bird-dragon that terrorized Native Americans in Illinois.

Something in every one of us was made to fight dragons. In the Garden of Eden, it was a dragon that tricked our first parents, and, in the book of Revelation, that dragon is identified as Satan, our Accuser. At the end of Dragons and Dragonslayers, pastor and author Tim Chester explains why these stories resonate with us, and how we should live as a result.

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What People Are Saying

"Chester retells 10 short dragon legends spanning times and cultures, illustrating how dragons are not always heroes and the selfishness that rules a dragon's heart is also in us. The stories set the stage for Chester's concluding chapters where he points children to the Biblical account of the original dragon, Satan, and the ultimate dragonslayer, Jesus." ~WORLD magazine

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jonathan L.

Instantly in my Classics collection, I love it. This will be read to my kids someday.

Miyuki S.
Love this book!

This book is awesome! I love the short story format, perfect for my young reader.

Todd W.

Bought it for my grandson. We both enjoyed it.


Simple and charming book for kids about dragons, dragonslayers, and the typology behind the myths, pointing back to Jesus.

fun read aloud

I enjoyed reading this to my kids during our morning basket time. There were some typos in it, but otherwise it was a quick and fun read. My 8 y.o. son was especially interested in the tales!

John S.

Dragons and Dragonslayers

Ben T.
Jesus - The True Dragonslayer

Excellent book to introduce Jesus to your kids as the Ultimate dragonslayer. The historical stories from around the globe provide a great setup to learning about Jesus defeating devil. Beautiful art work and great gospel presentation at the end!

Monique B.

I read this book aloud to my 5 kiddos (ages 6-12) over two days. They (and I) ate up every moment and left these stories resolved to recognize our dragons and valiantly follow the fight of dragon slayers. I can’t think of another book that so succinctly completes the gargantuan job of consolidating the history and terror of dragons with the true victory of the Slayer.
This has become my new “book to give to recently baptized,” regardless of age. We all face dragons, and this book is armor.

Samuel L.

Great read

Jason Y.
Wonderful book!

Amazing read and great storytelling.

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