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Emerging from Shadows

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N.D. Wilson


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As seen on ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

For centuries, the Shroud of Turin has puzzled its critics and advocates. But in the last three decades, examination of the Shroud has revealed even more complexities: a three-dimensional image which no one has been able to explain or duplicate with medieval methods--until now.

In this lecture Nathan Wilson demonstrates how medieval forgers could have easily created a photo negative image of a man, three-dimensionally encoded on linen, by using only painted glass and sunlight. Mr. Wilson also gives an entertaining overview of the Shroud's history, its controversies, and its most ardent defenders and detractors.

Visit www.shadowshroud.com for more info.

"Wilson's experiment shows how forgers could create a shroud-like image with tools and knowledge available in the Middle Ages." — Discovery News web article (3/4/2005) "Experiment: Turin Shroud an Easy Forgery"

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Scott L.
Strange but true stories

Why do people think that it’s impossible for seminal brilliant but sinful people to emerge in antiquity? Why is it impossible for someone to come up with a new idea 💡 and then prove it? Why is it hard to believe that people are hucksters in any age, along with the rubes who believe them? When there is money to be made, there are people who will believe them. Wilson reminds us that their were multiple veils being panhandled during the Middle Ages, so why wouldn’t there be an ingenious solution to the problems that such an age would produce? Some people viewing a zoetrope would swear that the horse they were watching really galloped! Oh well, Scripture doesn’t lie. Well done. And by the way, He is risen! Even without a veil. Too many witnesses saw Him. Even without a veil.

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