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Gray Flowers

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Dave Radford

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The Gray Havens centers around husband and wife Dave and Licia Radford. Since their beginning in 2013, their projects have been described as "having a visionary quality that's both playful and enraptured." After releasing their debut EP in 2013, the duo has gained a steady following of listeners nationwide. They have a knack for creating a listening experience similar to paging through your favorite book, with richly textured compositions and multi-layered lyrics. Inspired by one of their earliest songs, the duo brings a familiar combination of color, playfulness, and whimsy to their first children s book, Gray Flowers.

AUTHOR: Dave Radford

PAGE COUNT: 24 pages

SIZE: 8.25x8.25"

ISBN 10: 1947644467

ISBN-13: 9781947644465

PUB. DATE: October 5, 2018

They had one rule: "No Grays Allowed!"

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All is well in the small Color-Coded Town until a gray Stranger arrives and gives a girl gray flowers. Love is in the air, but will the Town continue to put up with all the Grays taking over?

This little book is based on the single by the Gray Havens and includes gorgeous illustrations by Forrest Dickison. Perfect for fans of the band or fans of colors!"

What People Are Saying:

"Dave and Licia Radford (a.k.a. The Gray Havens) are some of my favorite storytellers. I'm so glad this book is in the world."" -Andrew Peterson, author of The Wingfeather Saga

"The Gray Havens have a gift for painting colorful word pictures through their music. And now they take new form with this delightful picture book. Underneath the whimsical presentation is the beautiful and glorious new that graces changes everything. I loved this song when I first heard it, and now I am grateful to have it in book form to read to my children!" -Justin Taylor, blogger at The Gospel Coalition and managing editor of The ESV Study Bible

"Good art often turns things upside down so we can see them right side up. Gray Flowers upends the little Pharisee in all of us so that we remember what we did when Grace became flesh to give us beauty and make us beautiful." -Joe Rigney, author of Live Like a Narnian and The Things of Earth

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Zoe M.

Gray Flowers


Cute, creative story. Great illustrations! I had no idea that it was actually a song!

Carla T.

This was a hit with our grandkids!

Jed H.
Clever story, and really well illustrated

Kids love all the colors. I've read it too them like ten times already.

Joseph G.
Just amazing!

My daughter loves this book. She’s been reading it out loud on our road trip. Great message and visually fantastic.

Lee A.K.
So lovely!

It was a wonderful story to read to my grandchildren they loved it and had a lot of really great questions.


Gray Flowers

Kristina H.
Gray Flowers

I love the inventiveness of the story and the quiet faithfulness of the hero, who values the non-flashy (gray) over the proud display of color. The illustrations are lively, and having an existing song to accompany the book is a bonus.

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