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N.D. Wilson's School of Fantastical Wordcraft (DVD)

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N.D. Wilson

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N.D. Wilson is the bestselling author of more than ten novels for children, including the 100 Cupboards trilogy, The Ashtown Burials, and Outlaws of Time. His nonfiction book Death by Living won Book of the Year from Christianity Today. He is also a film-maker and director, with projects including The Riot and the Dance, a Christian nature documentary and cinematic celebration of creation.

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Running Time: 2 hours, 13 minutes

DVD-5: 1 Disc Widescreen NTSC, Region 0

This course is for any kid (or adult) ages 8+ who has ever thought "I would like to be able to write stories."

N.D. Wilson's School of Fantastical Wordcraft is now in session! Get started immediately with this digital video course on the basics of telling stories (fictional or real life) from award-winning author and director N.D. Wilson. This DVD includes practical assignments, advice on genre and market, and much more!


1. The Basics
2. Plot, Outlining, and Story Architecture
3. World Building: Fantasy and Realism
4. Character Building
5. Dialogue & P.O.V.
6. The Poetry of Description
7. Mastering the Senses
8. Words are for Reals
9. Genre & Market

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What People Are Saying:

"A great storytelling course..." -Tony Reinke, senior writer at Desiring God and author of Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mrs. B.M.

Super engaging! Mr. Wilson speaks in such a way that not only did he keep both of my 14 year old boy "I'm not a writer" twins engaged, they went on to watch a second lesson without me asking. Huge win.

Kevin V.
Simply Fantastical

Immensely practical. I enjoy it every time I watch it. Thank you! My only thought so far would be to pair the DVD with an online access code to the content, given the growing absence of DVD players. Great job!

Jeremiah G.
Loads of practical advice and excercises

I've always loved listening to ND Wilson explain the theory behind writing, but there is no source better then this video series to help you learn how to practically apply that theory. This is a great resource for homeschoolers, beginning writers, or anyone just looking for some good advice from a master craftsman.

Bree M.
A fantastic resource, for old and new writers of all kinds

Since I began writing around 16 years ago, it always seems like I’ve heard all the things; every method, every how-to-build a story or character, etc. And after several subsequent years being mentored by published authors, it can easily seem like absolutely everyone is speaking with just brand-new beginners in mind.

This was a breath of fresh air. Many familiar concepts through new lenses that further drive them home, some well said bits about the duty of a writer throughout, and some new, brilliant focuses and concepts I’m working on implementing for myself.
Coupled with any of Wilson’s own books, I felt like I could really see the teaching in this DVD play out and understand even better how to apply it.

A really fantastic resource, presented in Wilson’s unique, seriously vivid and lighthearted style. I only wish it came with mp3 versions of each lesson, so I could re-listen when I’m not near a DVD player.

Well worth the buy for new and not-so-new writers alike!

Martha H.

Gift for grandchild. Grandchild AND parents loved it!

Katherine T.
Way to make writing an adventure!

Desiring to raise up theologians disguised as poets, writers and storytellers, I am appreciative of this innovative way of teaching. After many rigorous, may I say, tedious writing curriculums, this is a breath of fresh air. Armed with nothing but a spiral notebook, a sharpened Ticonderoga black pencil and an imagination, you've invited my boys to a new way to conquer the world. Many thanks!!

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