Chemistry 3 (Grades 7-8)

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Noeo Science

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Radioactivity. Synthetics. Combustion.

Noeo Chemistry 3 takes your kid on an extensive safari of the world of chemistry. We’ve packed your Noeo box with books, lesson plans, and experiments, all ready to go from day 1.

Comprehensive course of study

Chemistry 3 uses the micro to explain the macro, zooming in on how atomic theory plays into everything from bombs to biochemistry. By the end, your kid will have a well-rounded grasp of the chemical world for future scientific study.

Everything in one box

Experiment kits and built-in lesson plans mean you can start exploring elemental behavior and understanding complex chemical reactions as soon as you open the box. Skip the Ready, Set, move straight to the Go!

Living books

Chemistry isn’t just about electrons and protons—it’s about dynamite and medicine and steel and Dmitri Mendeleev (what a guy). We’ve selected every book in Chemistry 3 to make the world come alive.


Hands-on experiments

Your kids will get their hands dirty in the real world every week with dynamic experiments covering evaporation, atomic measurement, surface tension, and more. Even with the best readings, science can’t stay behind a book.


Shareable curriculum

Have multiple kids who want to master chemical reactions by making quicklime compounds and creating iodine solutions? Perfect! Chemistry 3 is designed so kids across multiple grades can share books, experiments, and lab manuals, or have their own!


Flexible schedule

Need to interrupt the school week for a cousin’s wedding? No problem! With options for both a four-day and two-day per week schedule, Chemistry 3 enables you to adapt your curriculum to your calendar.

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