The Grammar of Spelling Package

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Matt Whitling


Don't just memorize spelling lists. Learn how to spell. 

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Many spelling programs overwhelm kids with a lot of spelling rules, which only pile up as the year goes on. This program, developed by veteran Logos teachers B.J. Loyd and Matt Whitling, teaches students how to hear blends, clusters, and vowel sounds and introduces 5 important rules which are reviewed throughout the books. The lists are cumulative, which allows students to review words throughout the year, and each lesson features dictation sentences that allow even more practice.

Each lesson has the students write the list four times. Students repeat the words, put the words in alphabetical order, write the words from memory, and write them in cursive.

This all-new edition of Grammar of Spelling has the following all-new features:

  • brand-new formatting
  • lesson instructions for the teacher, with tips on how to teach the rule or sound pattern
  • 2 dictation sentences for every lesson
  • 5 extra words taken from the Logos Press homeschool bundle curriculum
  • point assignments for every dictation sentence and for all the tests

This package includes:

What People Are Saying:

“I love how this resource spreads the assignments out over a 5 day school week. Making it less overwhelming. Also it is an easy to follow curriculum that has really aided my son in becoming a better speller.” ~Homeschooling Mom

“It's the easiest thing in the world for a home school teacher to use.” ~Homeschooling Mom

“This curriculum is very straightforward, no pictures or colors or songs or anything, but I like it the best of several I have used, and my daughter likes it too. She really knows the words by the time she is done with the unit and it doesn't take forever to finish each day.” ~ Homeschooling Mom

AUTHORS: Matt Whitling and B.J. Loyd

SIZE: 8.5x11"


RELEASE DATE: September 27, 2022

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    The Grammar of Spelling Package