Refuting the New Atheists

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Douglas Wilson

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Douglas Wilson is a pastor in Moscow, Idaho, a father of three, and grandfather of seventeen. He is the author of numerous books, including The Serrated Edge, Against the Church, and How to Exasperate Your Wife. He peacefully blogs at

 Watch the Trailer for His Debate with Christopher Hitchens HERE:

AUTHOR: Douglas Wilson

PAGE COUNT: 330 pages

SIZE: 5.5x8.5"

BINDING: Paperback

ISBN 10: 195241086X

ISBN-13: 9781952410857

PUB. DATE: May 12, 2021

The so-called New Atheists have a great deal of moral indignation at all the evil in the world, but, as apologist and theologian Douglas Wilson cheerfully points out, they have no moral basis for it whatsoever.

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If we are merely the result of billions of years of matter in motion, then why do we feel that concentration camps, genocide, apartheid, and the like are so obviously wicked and despicable, if in fact such events are just time and chance acting on matter?

Harris, Hitchens, and Dawkins have made careers out of cataloguing the ways "religion" has messed up the world, from Old Testament genocide to the Spanish Inquisition to the Salem witch trials to Muslim extremism and beyond. However, Douglas Wilson shows that atheists stand on millennia of Christian culture and morality when they emphasize the problem of evil, and that atheistic materialism cannot give any account of truth, beauty, or goodness.

A Christianity Today award-winning author and renowned debater, Wilson has many spicy and entertaining refutations to the specific claims of Harris, Hitchens, and Dawkins, but at the center of it all is the Gospel.

The real foundation for morality is the fact that God has made us in His image and made us so that our consciences bear witness to His laws, even when we break them. As Wilson shows, man’s only hope is the good news that Jesus has taken on the deserved penalty for all the evils of the world in His death on the cross.

This book contains all three of Douglas Wilson’s book-length responses to the New Atheists, published for the first time in one volume. It includes Letter from a Christian Citizen, written to Sam Harris; God Is, in reply to Christopher Hitchens; and The Deluded Atheist, a response to Richard Dawkins.

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Cheryl R.
Excellent arguments and had me laughing!

Doug does a great job refuting the atheists’ arguments while keeping the book entertaining and light. He delves into some deep things, but makes it easy to understand.

Alex M.
Never received

I have not received this book yet. I was assuming you were experiencing difficulties like with the dominion bundle. I am eager to read this book as I believe it will help me understand the framework of my brothers “beliefs” in atheism.

Phillip R.
Nonpareil rebuttal to the “new” atheism

In this fine volume you have collected three of the finest products of the Rev. Wilson’s pen. It consists of an omnibus edition of three short (but potent) answers to three atheist rants. The first, and arguably the best, is an answer to Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation. Wilson has never been better than he is here. The second is Wilson’s response to Christopher Hitchens’ God is Not Great. This is also superb and delightfully brief in comparison to Hitchens’ loquacious volume. Finally you have Wilson’s response to Dawkins’ The God Delusion. While an excellent book this is not up to the level of the preceding books. Perhaps because Dawkins is, in no way, in the same class as an adversary as Harris and, especially, Hitchens. All in all an excellent book to read and reread. Well written and informative. Highly recommended.

Scott K.
No nonsense compassion

There was something that drew me to Christopher Hitchens over the years.
I’ve only seen him debate Christian’s. He challenged me to look deeper into my faith. I’m pretty sure that was not his goal.One of my favorite debates of his is with Douglas Wilson. So when I learned of Refuting The New Atheist I purchased it. I like the no nonsense approach that Wilson displays with the atheist.
At the end of each section of the book Mr. Wilson had compassion and love for his fellow image bearer of God.
Very insightful book!

Isaiah C.
Worth the money

A great book that exposes the foolishness of the new atheists.

Toni C.
Really enjoyed this book

Excellent book. Very helpful. Accessible and enjoyable to read.

John S.I.
What a great book.

I'm halfway through the book, and I love it. Mr. Wilson's writing is excellent. His points are solid. He's quite humorous. He's respectful and yet very challenging. Would highly recommend.

Michael V.
Refuting the New Atheists

I've begun reading the book. Pastor Wilson does an excellent job of inquiring of on what basis does an Atheist have to judge anything evil or good? What is that standard they refer to? He shows them for the fools they are! They argue from a foundation of an abyss, which is no foundation to discern anything. I like when Pastor Wilson takes their premises to their logical conclusions. Example: Why does an Atheist care if Christians want to worship the God of Heaven of Earth? After all, if all we are is matter and a collision of atoms and chemicals, which IS the fact of a assumed purely material universe, then why would they get upset if one form of matter and atoms wants to worship and parade along in robes,etc. and others do not. After all, if we came from nothing, and we're headed to nothingness, then we're nothing in between those two poles except matter and atoms colliding. Pastor Wilson consistently points out that obvious fact which Atheists refuse to accept based on their presuppositions of insanity.

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