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A History of Calvinism in America

A History of Calvinism in America - 1998 Credenda/Agenda History Conference

Tracing the history of the Reformed faith in the United States from the founding era to the fundamentalist battles of the twentieth century, these lectures sketch the trials and triumphs of Calvinism in various regional and social highpoints, such as the Great Awakening and the War between the States The following topics are included in this set:

1. Calvinism and America's Founding - Steve Wilkins

2. What Went Wrong - Douglas Wilson

3. Calvinism and the Great Awakening - Douglas Wilson

4. The Revolutionary Pulpit - Steve Wilkins

5. Calvinism Despised - Steve Wilkins

6. Calvinism in the South - Steve Wilkins

7. The Rise of Fundamentalism - Douglas Wilson

8. Calvinism and the Future of America - Douglas Wilson