A Justice Primer

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Douglas Wilson

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Randy Booth has been a pastor for more than forty years and currently serves as the pastor of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Nagadoches, Texas. He is also director of Covenant Media Foundation. He and his wife, Marinell, have three children and bunches of grandchildren.

Douglas Wilson has been a pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho for more than forty years and is the author of more than a hundred books. He also founded institutions such as the Association of Classical Christian Schools, Logos School, Greyfriars Hall, and New Saint Andrews College.

AUTHORS: Randy Booth and Douglas Wilson


PAGE COUNT: 254 pages

SIZE: 5.5x8.5"

ISBN 10: 1957905085

ISBN-13: 9781957905082

PUB. DATE: October 18, 2022

Christians should know that social justice internet mobs are a far cry from truly Biblical justice that accords with God’s law. But we don’t. Biblical justice requires multiple witnesses, matching stories, and objective facts considered by an appropriate authority.

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A Justice Primer is written by two longtime pastors who have worked inside denominations, sessions, and institutions, and who have seen more than their share of controversy where people do not know what the rules are. A whispered conversation is not authoritative. An anonymous comment on a blog is not authoritative. A party of disgruntled church members who “feel abused” is not authoritative. Instead, the key to true justice is due process conducted by wise men who know how to weigh evidence.

God is justice, and it is because of His justice that Jesus went to the cross. Therefore, we must care about what justice is and how God says to pursue it.

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Jon S.
Essential reading for pastors

Our session has found this book so valuable for our with in the church that we have assigned this book as required reading for new members. Thanks to Doug and Randy for writing this easy-to-read treatment of an overlooked topic.

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