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A Reformed Catholic

William Perkins

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A Reformed Catholic

William Perkins


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  • “Perkins wrote this book as an apologetic for Reformed (Reformation) Christianity to demonstrate that Reformed Protestantism was not a new religion, but the corrected progression of the Ancient Church.” ~from Dr. Joseph Pipa’s Introduction

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    Today Christians think of the Roman Catholic church as the oldest, most ancient form of Christianity. Evangelicals are often apathetic about their Christian heritage, and see little difference between themselves and Roman Catholics. In Reformed Catholic Puritan theologian William Perkins both shows that it is possible to genuinely respect Christian tradition and to disagree with the errors of Roman Catholicism. This book is not a debate over subtle points of doctrine, but over issues that continue to divide Christians to this day. These are truths worth fighting for.

    “A declaration, showing how near we may come to the present church of Rome in sundry points of religion and wherein we must forever depart from them, with an advertisement to all favorers of the Roman religion, showing that the said religion is against the catholic principles and grounds of the catechism.

    I write not this despising or hating their person for their religion [Roman Catholics], but wishing unfeignedly their conversion in the world, and their salvation in the world to come.” ~ from Perkins’s A Reformed Catholic

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