Blah Blah Black Sheep

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N.D. Wilson

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N.D. Wilson is a professional misbehaver and storyteller with a fondness for big personalitieseven in small sheep. He is currently brewing seven and a half new adventures and is a Writer in Residence at New Saint Andrews College.

Forrest Dickison illustrates children’s books, paints landscapes, and works in animation. He and his wife Danielle live in Moscow, Idaho and have three young daughters. Forrest illustrated all the books in the Hello, Ninja series, which became a hit original series on Netflix, and he also wielded the paint behind Sir Badalot. Visit him online at

IMPRINT: Canonball Books

AUTHOR: N.D. Wilson

ILLUSTRATOR: Forrest Dickison


SIZE: 11.25x8.75"

ISBN-10: 1-95-790586-7

ISBN-13: 978-1-957905-86-0

BINDING: Hardback

PUB. DATE: October 17, 2023

Option: Hardback

We're all sheep. Except him.

A children's book about the courage to be different.

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I know your mama taught you how to stand and chew and bleat.

But even green pastures won't stay safe in the farms of the West.

Not with a hungry coyote on the loose.

One outlaw is free from the herd's fears of bad looks and bad actors. Nobody wants to deal with Blah Blah Black Sheep, not even coyotes. That's when the flock learns that the courage to defend the farm starts not with a bleat but with a blah.

He zigs when the flock zags.
He blahs when the flock bleats.
He howls at the moon when the flock sleeps.

But when danger comes lurking...


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The Black Sheep Bundle

What's In The Bundle?
  • Hardback book
  • Premium Art Print (8.5 x 11) signed by Forrest Dickison
  • Fund the show to get your Black Sheep's name mentioned in the credits!
    (We'll reach out for a name after purchase).

Does your own black sheep stand out boldly from the flock? Whether your children struggle with an excess of boldness in a timid flock, or need that extra push to get out there and stand up to the wolves, Blah Blah will be right there with them.

Blah Blah Black Sheep's boldness and bravery aren't appreciated by his flock, but he still isn't afraid to take a stand for what's right and protect them.

Teach your child to stand out from a frightened crowd, and to stand up for those who don't have their rough and tumble spirit.

With story from N.D. Wilson and stunning illustrations from Forrest Dickison (both of Hello Ninja fame), your little sheep will want to climb right into the pages and bound and fly by Blah Blah's side.


Defend the Farm Bundle

We live in Big Sky Country where you're not the only one under threat of danger out your borders.

Defend the farm with 3 Black Sheep Bundles for you, your folks, and your friends. Blah Blah Black Sheep's boldness and bravery aren't appreciated by his flock, but he still isn't afraid to take a stand for what's right and protect them.

Here's what y'all get:

  • 3 Hardbacks (32 pages)
  • 3 Premium Art Print, signed by Forrest Dickison (8.5 x 11)
  • 3 Black Sheep names in the episode credits and the website
    (We'll reach out for names after purchase).

Watch the creators talk about the book, the animated show, and the kind of rebels we desperately need.


Canonball Books is the children's imprint of Canon Press. At Canonball, we believe stories are soul food, so you can expect excitement, danger, loyalty, virtue, and family in your Canonball books. Feed your kids the right books!

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Proud D.
Great Kid’s book!

Fun read for the little rebels


We need more books like these. Beautifully illustrated, great message about bravery.

george k.
Great Story and great animation

This is a fun book to read with the kids. The animation is top notch. It's a lot of fun to read over and over again.

Chris C.

Blah Blah Black Sheep

Michael K.
Simply great

This is our first kids book from Canon and it was great. The story and art were both amazing and our daughter enjoys it!

Jennifer R.

My 5 year old nephew loved reading this book. He enjoyed the art and the signed poster! He is also looking forward to having his name in the credits of the animated version! Although, I haven’t received any updates on when this will be or what my nephews name is-lol!

Karina H.
Minus the spice

Loved the idea of the book but it was lacking girth. Maybe my expectations were higher knowing the strength and “spice” with which the author preaches/teaches, but I was expecting a crystal clear and strong message, which just wasn’t the case.
The illustrations were beautiful and it’s still a book that’ll be kept within hands reach on the coffee table for the kids, but I was hoping for… more.

Tyler M.
Brave little sheep.

My son, 3, has enthusiastically asked to read this every night before bed since it arrived in the mail. He’s constantly saying “I wanna be a brave sheep, daddy”. I’d call that a win for Canon. I can’t wait for the animated series!

Jodie H.
Left me excited for more

I love the concept of this story and the book is really great. I was hoping for more text, more flesh on the story, like in Cranky Danky Dragon.

Allison T.
Love it!

We love this book! It’s a funny little romp through the life of a sheep, who is a little bit different! I absolutely love the snake slingshot/scarf! It’s wonderful to have in the church the idea clearly communicated that bravery and uniqueness are to be celebrated! And the snake/curse representative, at least in my mind, is wonderful… To think that even the effects of the curse can be utilized by God‘s people and God uses them for good! It reminds me of one of N.D. Wilson’s themes in his books for older kids…Sam miracle with snake arms is fabulous and in this book is a small echo of that! Love it! and my boys love it!

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