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Blue Ice and Other Stories from the Rink

Frank Ewert

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Blue Ice and Other Stories from the Rink

Frank Ewert


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  • Short stories for hockey fans.

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    Frank Ewert's disarming collection of short fiction starts off with an inside view of small-time, big identity Canadian hockey, its meaning, its plays, its lingo. But each story's distinct voice quickly reveals universal themes of rivalry, calling, discipline, infatuation, and national dignity that invite every reader to be more than a spectator. The characters have keen direction and surprising priorities that open this unknown world to the uninitiated.

    What People Are Saying:

    "Frank Ewert not only has a fine feel for the game and its wacky characters, he has a nice, laid-back storytelling style with a sense of humour." -Roy MacGregor, author of The Screech Owls Series and The Last Season

  • When he started playing hockey at the age of five, Frank Ewert was sure he was the next Wayne Gretzky. That season he scored one goal. Now grown up, Frank and his wife Sandy chase other dreams—the kind that involve houses and children. Born and raised in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, he still plays hockey in local city leagues while his wife prays on behalf of his teeth and good looks.

    AUTHOR: Frank Ewert

    PAGE COUNT: 86 …

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