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Brit Lit
Volumes 1-10

Now introducing the one & only Brit Lit for classical schools!

This British Literature series covering classic English authors from Beowulf to P. G. Wodehouse is unique: Each volume of Logos Press's Brit Lit gives you both the unabridged primary sources and the complete reference tools that teachers and students would need during a year-long British Literature class.

No more flipping back and forth between reference books and dog-eared thrift editions: For the first time, the classroom helps and the classics themselves are interwoven for classical & Christian schools.

Selected and edited by Rebekah Merkle, a veteran teacher at Logos School in Moscow, ID.

With each of the ten volumes you'll get:

1. Daily reading schedules
2. Engaging comprehension questions for every day’s reading and detailed answers
3. Introductory essays highlighting themes and offering Christian perspective
4. Page-by-page, on-the-spot marginalia offering explanations, context, and important notes
5. Memorization for 200 lines of poetry over the year
6. 90 integrative assignments and supplementary poems in the Poetry Workbook
7. Comprehensive end-of-volume tests over readings and the Poetry Workbook

One set of ten volumes = all the Brit Lit a student would need in a year:

Vol. I: Old English (218 pgs) Beowulf, paired with complementary readings from ­the Hobbit (sold separately). Poetry Workbook: Caedmon’s Hymn, Th­e Battle of Maldon, ­The Wanderer, and how to write Anglo-Saxon poetry.

Vol. II: Middle English (506 pgs) Most of Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and selections from Le Morte D’Arthur and ­The Canterbury Tales, paired with complementary readings from Th­at Hideous Strength (sold separately). Poetry Workbook: How to write iambic pentameter.

Vol. III: Golden Age (698 pgs) Defense of Poesy, Faerie Queene Book 1, Hamlet, and Much Ado about Nothing. Poetry Workbook: Wyatt, Surrey, selections from Spenser’s Amoretti and Epithalamion, Shakespeare’s sonnets, and how to write sonnets.

Vol. IV: Paradise Lost (386 pgs) Paradise Lost. Poetry Workbook: Addison, Steele, the rise of coffee houses, Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal, John Donne, George Herbert, and how to write epigrams, write Horatian and Juvenalian satire, and turn a Scripture passage into poetry a lá Milton.

Vol. V: Pride & Prejudice (474 pgs) Pride and Prejudice. Poetry Workbook: Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats, Byron, Shelley, and how to write an ode and Austen-esque character sketches.

Vol. VI: Tale of Two Cities (684 pgs) A Tale of Two Cities. Poetry Workbook: Hopkins and Tennyson, and how to write in Hopkins’ Anglo-Saxon style.

Vol. VII: Comic Theater (216 pgs) The Importance of Being Earnest and Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance. Poetry Workbook: Rudyard Kipling, Lewis Carroll, and how to coin words and write a nonsense poem.

Vol. VIII: Crime (548 pgs) Whose Body? by Dorothy Sayers, a Sherlock Holmes story, a Father Brown story, and ­The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie. Poetry Workbook: More practice writing poems.

Vol. IX: Right Ho, Jeeves (310 pgs) Right Ho, Jeeves. Poetry Workbook: Tracking P. G. Wodehouse’s classical education by finding the source for every scriptural, classical, and poetic allusion.

Vol. X: Poetry Workbook (253 pgs) Poetry Workbook:

See the previous volumes for some of the ninety exercises that accompany each volume.

Free Downloads for Teachers and Parents: All free downloads copyright © 2015 by Rebekah Merkle.

For tests & answer keys, you may make as many copies for yourself as you need, for noncommercial use only.

Click here to download the Brit Lit Master Lesson Plans for one year of Brit Lit. Click here to listen to the Beowulf audio file (Lesson 1 of the Poetry Workbook). Click here to listen to the Canterbury Tales audio file (Lesson 17 of the Poetry Workbook).

Click the links below for printable Tests, Final Exams, and Answer Keys.

Vol 1 Test

Vol 2 Test

Vol 3 Test I

Vol 3 Test II

Vols 1-3 First Semester Final Exam

Vol 4 Test

Vol 5 Test

Vol 6 Test

Vol 7 Test

Vol 8 Test

Vol 9 Test

Vol 10 Quiz I: Satire

Vol 10 Quiz II: Romantic Poetry

Vols 1-10 Second Semester Comprehensive Final Exam

Brit Lit Answer Key

What People Are Saying:

"I cannot even express what it means to me to have such an outstanding, high-quality course to offer my son. And I am a former English major, so I just want it to lend more credence to my words when I say: Thank you for a quality course, that makes me nearly want to cry for joy it is so wonderful. I would say more about how much I enjoy Rebekah's "voice" in the introductory or marginal notes, her light touch, and her sense of humor... It's really the next-best thing to having an actual teacher right there with you, and is so much like what my ideal me would be doing if I could." — Gretchen P, homeschooling parent

Rebekah Merkle has dabbled in a number of occupations ranging from running her own clothing label to designing fabrics to becoming a full-time high school humanities teacher (which is fitting, because she was a student in one of the founding classical Christian schools in the USA). Rebekah is also the author of the book Eve in Exile, but by far her proudest accomplishment is her crew of five outrageous, hilarious, high-speed teenage children, and her favorite role is that of wife to her similarly outrageous, hilarious, and high-speed husband Ben Merkle.