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Chickadee Readers: My First Stories Bundle (Sets 1-4)

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Chickadee Readers

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Chickadee Readers teach your child to love reading.

Whether your child is brand new to reading or struggling to find the joy in it, Chickadee Readers nurture a lifelong love of reading with delightful illustrations, fun stories, and whimsical characters, that whet your child's appetite for more great books.

This bundle features all four of our My First Stories boxed sets, covering:

  • Short Vowels
  • Long Vowels
  • Consonant Blends
  • Long Stories

The stories slowly and steadily progress through Lexile Measures 80L to 560L across 40 books, with plenty of review along the way to make sure old concepts don't start slipping away. At the same time, memorable recurring characters and fun illustrations make each story a blast to read, not a chore.


30 Day Money-back Guarantee

Love it, or get your money back. No questions asked! Zero risk, 100% guaranteed.


Illustrator Mark Beauchamp drew 321 gorgeous scenes with whimsical characters on fun adventures.

Designed by Teachers

With 60+ years of experience, Jan and Anita, have books that beautiful meld the science and art of teaching kids to read.

How Chickadee Works

Classic Illustrations

Remember when kids books were well-drawn? Our kids deserve better than throw-away, black and white stick figures and lazy artwork. Each reader is beautifully illustrated by Mark Beauchamp.

Story Grip

Just because a story is for kids doesn't mean they have to be dumb. Chickadee set out to engage young kids with real stories with beginnings, middles, and ends.

Stair-step phonics

Every story and every book builds on the last. With lessons carefully crafted by highly experienced teachers, Chickadee sets a manageable pace of learning. 

Chickadee teaches your kids how to sound out words by focusing on key phonics sounds and moving from simple to more complex sentences — without boring the new reader!

Real learning. Real fun.

Chickadee Readers: My First Stories Set 1: Short Vowels

My First Stories Set 1 features ten lively stories filled with friendly characters and funny illustrations. Simple short vowels provide the perfect starting point for your young reader.

In the set:

  1. Cat, Bat, and Hat
  2. Dad and the Lads
  3. Big Red and Ted
  4. Go to Bed!
  5. The Big Swim
  6. Six Kits Hid
  7. Tom Can Hop
  8. Oz the Odd Dog
  9. Rub and Tub
  10. Rus and Gus

Enjoyment Level:

Pre-K to 1st Grade

Reading Level:


Lexile Measures:

80L to 310L


Chickadee Readers: My First Stories Set 2: Long Vowels

My First Stories Set 2 features ten more stories with your favorite characters back for new adventures. Long vowels expand your child's reading skills by building on sounds they already know.

In the box:

  1. Jake and the Snake
  2. Ike, Pike, and the Bees
  3. Oz and the Bone
  4. Duke Duck
  5. I Can Not Eat Peas
  6. The Tale of the Big Snake
  7. Tom Likes Pizza Pie
  8. Mole, Toad, and Goat
  9. Three for Tea
  10. Baby Sue

Enjoyment Level:

Pre-K to 1st Grade

Reading Level:


Lexile Measures: 

140L to 400L

Chickadee Readers: My First Stories Set 3: Consonant Blends

My First Stories Set 3 features ten more stories with some first-time friends joining your old favorites. New consonant blends combine with familiar vowels to unlock a library of vocabulary.

In the set:

  1. Sh, Do Not Make a Peep
  2. Buster Bob Dreams Big
  3. I Hear Snore, Snore
  4. Mother's Day
  5. The Smart Dragon
  6. A Train Ride
  7. Bub and Tub in the Tree Fort
  8. In the Deep, Deep Sea
  9. The Pet Store
  10. Oz Tries to Trick

Enjoyment Level:

Pre-K to 1st Grade

Reading Level:


Lexile Measures:

250L to 470L


Chickadee Readers: My First Stories Set 4: Long Stories

My First Stories Set 4 features ten complex stories that give your child the chance to show off their reading skills. After completing this series, your child will be a new-fledged reader!

In the set:

  1. Pet Parade
  2. The Hummingbird
  3. The Perfect Trip
  4. Ten Little Wood Ducklings
  5. In A Big Red Barn
  6. Willy the Wonder Dog
  7. Frogs in the Bathtub
  8. Six Kits Go to School
  9. The Porcupine and the Skunk
  10. Chickadee at the Window

Enjoyment Level:

Pre-K to 1st Grade

Reading Level:


Lexile Measures: 

360L to 560L

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Kate M.
Great Stories; Font Struggles

We like the readers on the whole, but the italics have small flourishes that made some of the line characters looked like hooks.


These are so fun. Much improved from other early readers. Happy to support Canon Press!

Cute Pictures, Fun Stories

The readers seem very useful as my kids enjoy them and it is helping me emphasize certain sounds and words in a repetitive manner that isn’t boring. I think the missing component is a few videos that show how the authors would use them with a non-reader. While I’m following another reading approach, I am very curious how the authors would anticipate someone using them to teach reading. Any tips/tricks/suggestions in the process are appreciated =)

More incompetent dads

Like the books. Did not like that the very first story includes an incompetent dad with mom to the rescue


My son has enjoyed these readers and their cute stories. They aren’t boring like other readers we’ve bought but have added humor for the kids as they read.

Samuel F.

Time has flown by, and my firstborn is 4. We have tried lots of things to ignite a passion for reading, and have thrown up our hands… until now. This was well worth the money. My son is now confidently conquering the first set of book, and I can’t wait to see how this continues to blossom.

Thanks to the creators of this set and to Canon Press for connecting us. I will forever be grateful !


Samuel and the Flynn Family.

Travis B.

My daughter loves to pull these books out and start reading them or attempting to read them all by herself. This set of books has made her want to read independently and I also love hearing her laugh at the story lines.

Clayton C.
These are great! For little readers and “not yet readers” alike!

These are great! My 4 year old son has been reading the first set and loves having books he can read all by himself. My other two preschoolers also enjoy listening to the engaging stories and creative illustrations. They are SO much better in all respects than their outdated predecessor, Bob Books. Thank you for an awesome product to aid our little ones as they learn to read and love quality literature!


Bought them early for our toddler— can wait to teach her to read through Great Aunt Jan’s wonderful stories%21

Ashley S.
So Great!

These are very fun and engaging, my new reader loves them and I actually enjoy listening to her read.

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