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Coming to the Table

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Douglas Wilson

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Sermons on the Lord's Supper

These five sermons explain why and how we are to approach the Lord's table. Pastor Wilson lays out the biblical basis for the Lord's Supper, teaches how we should prepare ourselves to partake, and explains what it means when someone is suspended from the Table. The emphasis throughout is that the Supper is a meal of blessing, a gracious gift from our loving Father designed to teach, encourage, and nourish the body of Christ.

The following sermons are included in this set:

1. The Sacraments: Definition and Qualification

2. Bread & Wine (1 Corinthians 10:14-16)

3. Preparing for the Supper (Luke 22:24-30)

4. Leaven and the Gospel (Matthew 13:31-33)

5. Suspensions from the Supper

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Allen N.
great content

The content was good the audio quality not as good

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