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CREC Presbytery Exam of Douglas Wilson

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Douglas Wilson

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CREC Presbytery Examination of Douglas Wilson - Audio DownloadIn light of recent controversies and a desire for churchly resolution, the session of Christ Church (Moscow, ID) asked the Confederation of Reformed Evangelical Churches to examine Douglas Wilson. This three hour oral examination at the 2004 Presbytery broadly covers Wilson's doctrines of justification, covenant, Church, and sacraments in light of the Scriptures and the Westminster Standards. After the examination, the churches of the CREC unanimously affirmed Douglas Wilson's orthodoxy per the recommendation of the examination committee.

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Tim R.
Sola fide confirmed

This was helpful in clarifying Pastor Wilson's stance on justification in line with the reformed, Westminster Confession stance and not the most troubling position of the "federal vision" crowd. Glad he said "no mas" and distanced himself from "federal vision".

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