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Dish Towels by Rebekah Merkle (pack of 2)

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Rebekah Merkle

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Two gorgeous towels in two original colorways: one pink & yellow floral, the other blue filigree. Designed by Canon Press author Rebekah Merkle, these new dish towels are ready to grace your kitchen and tackle your hardest, greasiest messes. 

From Rebekah Merkle:

"I am SO EXCITED about these dish towels I’m having made and they are now available!!! 🙌🙌🙌 You're looking at dish towels that I personally tested out and they have been put through the hard-knock life of the Merkle kitchen.

They have been used, used, used for a couple months of hard wear: washed, stain-treated, soaked in Oxiclean, doubled as makeshift potholders, used to dry greasy cast iron pans. 😬 And I LOVE THEM!

One of the designs is my dining room wallpaper but in a sky blue. The other is an old Bible Reading Challenge design in a new colorway and they are so fun and cheerful together! Gorgeous, absorbent, soft birds-eye cotton makes them hands down the most effective towels in my kitchen at the moment and I’m pining for a few more."

Signed, Rebekah Merkle

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Brady T.

very pretty


Such nice fabric and a lovely design! Makes washing dishes a tiny bit more enjoyable 😄

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