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Douglas Wilson


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The great Hebrew philosopher who wrote this book calls us back to joy: a joy that thinks, a joy that does not shrivel under the glare of hard questions.

He calls us to meditation, but a meditation that does not despair. And as he points out repeatedly, only believers can enjoy the vanity that surrounds us on every side.

The following topics are included in this set :

1. An Introduction to the Book

2. The Meaning of Vanity

3. A Taste of Nothing

4. Joy at the End of the Tether

5. Beautiful in its Time

6. The Silence of Despair

7. The Sacrifice of Fools

8. Tiny Souls in Tight Shoes

9. Walking in the Corridors of Power

10. Loving Your Wife

11. Use Your Head

12. Falling Apart

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Katherine B.

The content was excellent. The audio format is a challenge. I wish there was a way to easily convert this to play in audible or another mp3 format for on the go in one's phone. For this particular audio I had to download a separate app, and there was some repeating, and it was difficult to troubleshoot if this was an app issue or the actually recorded audio.

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