Empire of Bones: Ashtown Burials #3 (paperback)

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N.D. Wilson

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Nathan Wilson lives and writes in the top of a tall, skinny house only one block from where he was born. But his bestselling novels, including the highly acclaimed 100 Cupboards series, have traveled far and wide and have been translated into dozens of languages. He and his wife have five young storytellers of their own, along with an unreasonable number of pets. You can visit him online at ndwilson.com.

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AUTHOR: Nathan Wilson

PUBLISHER: Random House

PAGE COUNT: 464 pages

BINDING: Paperback

SIZE: 5x8"

ISBN 10: 0375863982

ISBN-13: 9780375863981

RELEASE DATE: August 26, 2014

More Books from this Series:

The Dragon's Tooth (Book #1): Cyrus and Tigs Smith's lives are changed when an old man with a bone arrives at their hotel. Soon they find themselves initiated into one of the most ancient, secret, and dangerous secret societies in history.

The Drowned Vault (Book #2): Cyrus and Tigs go hunting for the Dragon's Tooth again, but this time they uncover an evil more dangerous than a Phoenix that has been waiting for centuries to emerge.

The story that began in The Dragon's Tooth only gets more exciting as the heroes race from one death-defying adventure to another.

Cyrus and Antigone Smith have thwarted Dr. Phoenix’s plans—for the moment. They’ve uncovered a new threat from the transmortals and managed to escape with their lives. Their next adventure will take them deep into the caves below Ashtown, where they will look for help from those imprisoned in one of Ashtown’s oldest tombs.

What People Are Saying:

"'Ashtown Burials,' with its unique patchwork of history and mythology, effortlessly holds its own among works by such modern fantasy greats as Rick Riordan and J.K. Rowling. Character building is exceptional, and the fast-paced plot will keep readers glued to the pages. A must-have." -School Library Journal

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I’m assuming that when it says “review” it just means quality, shipping, (ect.) and not actual book content. Anyhoozies, the book quality is ok I’m not a huge fan of the paperbacks where you have to crack the spine tho but other than that it’s great!!! Also I had an order of 13 books and it came in a week or less which is impressive!

Aaron H.
Bought it for my children...can’t put it down!

Another stunning installment in an already fantastic series, “Empire of Bones” lives up to the “Ashtown” name. N.D. Wilson delivers yet again.

Jenn B.

So good, i could not stop reading it!!! My only problem is I can't afford to get the 4th book chapter by chapter...how am I supposed to finish?!


Empire of Bones: Ashtown Burials #3 (paperback)

Leah S.
Can’t wait!

Love the format. Reminded me of back when I was a kid and we actually had to wait for things. Can’t wait for the next :)

Tim T.
Awesome book!

The books are great!

Rachel B.
Love this series

It is such a well written series following three children through wild and dangerous adventure.

Juan R.

Empire of Bones: Ashtown Burials #3 (paperback)

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