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Empires of Dirt: Secularism, Radical Islam, and the Mere Christendom Alternative

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Douglas Wilson

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Douglas Wilson is a pastor in Moscow, Idaho, a father of three, and grandfather of seventeen. He is the author of numerous books, including Decluttering Your Marriage, Future Men, and How to Exasperate Your Wife

AUTHOR: Douglas Wilson

EDITOR: Steven Wedgeworth

PAGE COUNT: 276 pages

SIZE: 5.5x8.5

ISBN 10: 1591281431

ISBN-13: 9781591281436

BINDING: Paperback

PUB. DATE: Election Day (November 8), 2016

As it self-destructs, the strategy of secularism (the idea that nations can be religiously neutral) is splitting between American exceptionalism and radical Islam. Neither are Christian.

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American exceptionalism, the belief that America is more than a nation, is folly. Radical Islam is obviously wrong as well, but Muslims at least own the nature of the current cultural conflict: You must follow somebody, whether it's Allah, the State, or Jesus Christ. This important and timely book is an analysis of the changing face of religion and politics and also an extended argument for Christian expression of faith in Jesus Christ. This does not mean a withdrawal from politics to our own communities and churches. Instead, we Christians must take what we have learned from the wreck of secularism and build a Christendom of the New Foundation: A network of nations bound together by a formal, public, civic acknowledgement of the lordship of Jesus Christ and the fundamental truth of the Apostles' Creed. "And you could have it all, My empire of dirt...." ~ Nine Inch Nails; Johnny Cash

What People Are Saying:

"Wilson’s answer to the political problems of the day is provocative. Indeed, I suspect it will be largely unpopular. But one virtue of this book is the undermining of popular presuppositions and the setting forth of new ideas. It contains politico-theological concepts which will challenge many and perhaps force people to re-think long-held prejudices. And maybe the book will help Christendom become a plausible idea once again." -Simon Kennedy, The Gospel Coalition Australia

Customer Reviews

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Been wanting to read this, when I do I am sure it will please

Aaron M.
For Christendom

Any honest Christian (at least Reformed ones) should agree that Christ is king now. And He is King of kings and Lord of lords. Doug Wilson does a good job presenting the ludicrous nature of secularism: an a-religious society is an impossibility under Christ the king. It's His world. It was insightful for me to recognize secularism as a form of religion with its own gods, origin story, narrative, and ethics. And then to be shown how Christians have seemingly accepted this religion in the public square. Wilson is very adept at describing the current situation. He presents Islam as recognizing the impending fall of secularism and striving to fill the potential religious void in society. Christendom is the only viable alternative. It was a very compelling read that was over my head at times and therefore will have to be re-read at some point. Canon+ audiobooks help get through books like this in a timely manner during one's commute, highly recommend that.

C. C.
Very helpful

This book helped clarify and verbalize many critical issues. Thanks Doug Wilson for your very good work.

Charlton H.

Empires of Dirt: Secularism, Radical Islam, and the Mere Christendom Alternative

Phillip R.
Wide ranging discussion of our world

A typically interesting and wide ranging coverage of predominant world views of our time from the Rev. Wilson. He takes a refreshing “long view” unlike most books of this type. A good read and genuine food for thought.

Gary A.
Empires of Dirt

This book, in my opinion, can be summed up in this one sentence found on Page 181. This is it: " There is of course no place to stand outside the authority of Scripture, but this fact is easier to ignore than the fact that there is no place to stand outside the way reality is." Jesus said, "All Power and Authority is Mine; Therefore go...." All reality is His reality; what Jesus says it is in his revelation of Himself and His plan - the Scripture.

As Wilson used the analogy of a mother leaving brownies on the counter for the sons to enjoy as natural revelation, and the note she left for them as special revelation. It brought all this into my better understanding of this most important truth.

Levi M.
Great Presentation of the Only Viable Political System

I loved this book. I never found a political system that was fully consistent with my religious beliefs until reading Empires of Dirt. Douglas Wilson provides an excellent perspective on how to view the civil government as an orthodox Reformed Christian.

Daniel G.
Empires of Dirt_Graves

This book greatly helped in reviewing my understanding secularism's effect on culture. I agree with Wilson's position of Mere Christendom as a proper Christian position towards combating secularism's stranglehold on the culture. Also on a side note I happen to have a favorite restaurant located in the town of John Yoders birthplace who was one of the authors critiqued in the book.

Steve G.
Great read

Absolutely enjoyed reading it. Got bogged in a couple spots, but that's because I'm not a scholar. I don't think a Theocracy is going to show itself until the Man with the rod of iron shows up, but it's good to move in that direction. Great job turning over idols, a lot of them.

Bruce K.

You guys are the best!!

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