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Fire on the Mountain


Douglas Wilson

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The Ten Commandments are words of freedom, not slavery.

Fire on the Mountain: Meditations on the Ten Commandments

When God freed Israel from slavery to the Egyptians, He gave His Law to them, His chosen people. With this act He not only set them free to please Him, but also gave the Israelites ten words as a help. On its own the Law cannot save, but as Jesus preached in the Gospels, it teaches us to love Him and our neighbors. As Augustine put it, we are now free to love God and do as we please, because the Law is not a stumbling block, but a gracious guide.

The following topics are included in this set:

1. Preface to the Commandments

2. The First Commandment

3. The Second Commandment

4. The Third Commandment

5. The Fourth Commandment (Part 1)

6. The Fourth Commandment (Part 2)

7. The Fifth Commandment

8. The Sixth Commandment

9. The Seventh Commandment

10. The Eighth Commandment

11. The Ninth Commandment

12. The Tenth Commandment

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